SharpSpring and the Granular Unsubscribe

Hello there. We haven't met, but I can bet you we have at least one thing in common. We both use email and I am sure we both hate having an Inbox full of mails that we never asked for. Google created thе Inbox app to help you manage the chaos, but the thing that works best is the most simple and straightforward solution: minimize the clutter. And guess what? Unsubscribing is what works best.

Up until recently SharpSpring only allowed your contacts to unsubscribe from all of your emails. It was all or nothing.

Here comes the good news: our Partners at SharpSpring have upgraded the marketing automation platform to allow email recipients to unsubscribe from particular emails you are sending.

Now your email recipients can let you know what they are interested in, and what they don't want to hear about. You didn't notice? No worries, it took us a few days to see it too. Here is how you can enable that new feature.

1. Go to your Settings. Right under Features, you can see the Email Settings. 

Sharpspring email settings

2. Open Email Settings and scroll all the way down.


Sharpspring email settings


3. The Granular Unsubscribe feature will allow your email recipients to unsubscribe from specific content without unsubscribing from everything. When you want to enable the Granular Unsubscribe, there are two steps you need to perform. The first is to create your unsubscribe categories. The second is to assign all of your emails to an unsubscribe category. The Granular Unsubscribe feature will not be enabled until you assign all of your emails to a category.

Sharpspring granular unsubscribe featureSharpspring granular unsubscribe feature

4. Configure your email categories. You need to assign each of your emails an unsubscribe category. You can do that by pressing Configure.

Sharpspring - configure email categories

5. Create your Unsubscribe Categories. Here you can create, delete, and rename your unsubscribe categories. 

Sharpspring - create unsubscribe categories


6. Assign categories. Here you will assign each of your emails to a category.

Sharpspring - assign categories


Here are four ideas of different categories:

  • Informational / Lead Nurturing
    Many of your visitors are still just that - visitors. You need to be patient with them and nurture the relationship so you can gain their trust over time. Use the marketing automation platform to send a series of emails to engage the prospects during a pre-determined time.
  • Newsletter 
    It's always a good idea to remain in the inbox of your prospects with valuable content. Try sending a newsletter email to your list every month with the top 3-5 content items you’ve created during the last month, such as news releases, videos and blog posts.
  • Educational
    Educate your target audience on a problem or issue that you are aware of and you can solve. You can also use this email to share long-form content such as new white papers and infographics.
  • Promotional
    This comes in handy whenever you want your recipients to take action. Whether it's new products, upcoming events and limited time offers, go ahead and use a promotional email.

B2B Lead Generation Report 2015

According to the B2B Lead Generation Report for 2015, marketing automation adoption is growing nicely for most B2B marketers. Today, it is most commonly used for email distribution (53%), campaign tracking (49%), reporting and analytics (49%). Least common uses were lead notification (39%) and distribution (28%). You want your email to stay in your customer's inbox, right?

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