Dynamic workplaces deserve SharpSpring dynamic email

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Personalised, dynamic email delivers 6x higher transaction rates and generates 58% of all the revenue. Here is how to make the most of it in SharpSpring.

Dynamic Workplaces Deserve SharpSpring Dynamic Email

Personalised email delivers six times higher transaction rates and generates 58% of all the revenue. (You can find more email statistics here.) In addition, 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. So instead of wondering what content to provide for your subscribers or how to word an offer they won't be able to refuse, consider using a smart marketing automation platform which will help you personalize emails without slowing your marketing activities down.

SharpSpring recently introduced their Dynamic Email capability and made our job even easier. So now we have more time to lead our dynamic lives.

What are dynamic emails

If you need an efficient and responsive way to nurture prospects, dynamic email is the answer you have been looking for. There is no coding involved - just create your email and then decide which parts need to be dynamic. Dynamic email uses the same rules engine and intuitive functions as SharpSpring's dynamic landing pages. Using a simple drop-down menu you can quickly build new rules. Your just send the email, and let the marketing automation platform do all the clever work for you.

How to use dynamic email content

Trying to personalising emails is a time-consuming task: from understanding the audience, to writing of the content and setting up the HTML mail. However, SharpSpring's dynamic email simplifies the technical tasks, meaning that personalisation really doesn't take that much more effort than writing a static mail.

SharpSpring utilises the data you already have about your contacts, allowing you to personalise sections of each mail based on personal traits. Boosting conversion rates has never been easier. The dynamic content rules operate according to if-then rules which allow emails to be constructed so that if X is true, then the message sent contains content X. If X is not applicable, but Y is, the email uses content section Y.

The automation is so intelligent, that you can base your emails not only on lead attributes but also on elements such as lead score - sending lighter weight, educational content to less engaged prospects and heavier, more solution focussed material to more engaged ones. As an example, a prospect with a higher score may receive a discount offer to encourage them to purchase now instead of holding on. You can also use dynamic content to send the right content to the right people.

For example, your prospect might receive a link to a new instructional video if they have downloaded a whitepaper about your product. Or if they’ve subscribed to your newsletter with a special interest (say SMB) it may change the top item to a link to a case study. Finally, for those working in international marketing like ourselves, you can use dynamic emails to create localised versions of your content. By simply setting up a custom field against each contact to capture their preferred language you can send a single email to a whole list and let the engine choose which language content to use. Pretty clever stuff hey!

With this in mind, don't forget to upgrade your Contact Us or other registrations forms to ensure that you capture all the information you may want to use when sending these new emails to prospects.

Results with dynamic email

Using SharpSpring you can improve response rates by eliminating boring mass emails and save the time associated with manually creating and sending personalised messages. Your subscribers will receive content based on their needs, preferences and interests.

If you want to hear the experts from SharpSpring on Dynamic email, and how to use it, check this video out.

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