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About Partner Concierge Services

With many small businesses and channel partners not having an in-house marketing team to match that of the primary vendor, delivering effective marketing campaigns can be a challenge. Even with pre-built, canned campaigns support is essential in order to ensure that partners appropriately update the campaign messaging to align to their strengths and not compete unnecessarily with other companies within the channel.

Demodia’s partner concierge services are designed to support both your business and that of your partners. We provide strategy consulting and marketing support services that supplement your own partner team, helping you to understand and engage with you partner landscape and supporting you in the creating of pre-packaged campaign offerings.

Vendor Support Services

Working on behalf of your organisation, Demodia’s partner concierge will establish a dialogue with your partners, communicate the latest joint marketing opportunities and walk them through process of planning, creating, executing and measuring a joint marketing campaign.

Our channel marketing solutions help you to:

  • Improve relationships with your broader channel community
  • Improve use of Market Development Funds (MDFs), ensuring that they are being spent on the right activities
  • Increase partner marketing and demand generation activity throughout the channel
  • Ensure channel effectiveness by uncovering the right partners and identifying joint opportunities
  • Develop joint marketing assets and pre-packaged campaigns

Partner Marketing Services

For your partners, the partner concierge delivers strategy, creative and execution services that will not only allow them to deliver pre-packaged offerings, but will also ensure that they understand modern digital marketing approaches that will ultimately enhance both their own and your channel’s success.

Our channel marketing solutions help channel partners to:

  • Understand what programmes and funds are available to support joint marketing programmes
  • Have access to your marketing resources and knowledge
  • Gain strategic level marketing support
  • Plan, scope and manage channel marketing engagement, strategy execution and measurement
  • Deliver pre-packaged and personalised joint marketing campaigns

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