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Here are some of our customer success stories

Demodia works with clients large and small to deliver engaging, interactive campaigns crossing multiple media and delivery platforms. The following are the stories of how we reached successful results with our customers.

Creating a clear message that doesn't confuse can be challenging

Anyone can create pretty web pages, gather clicks, and capture leads—but none of that means a thing if your prospects don’t understand exactly what your business does and how it helps them.

A clear explanation of your solutions, their use, and the business values they deliver are essential to creating any successful sales and marketing programme.

  • Open doors to leaders, not end-users

  • Reduced time-to-market for new products

  • Increase close rate and shorten sales cycle


Finding a marketing agency that understands your business can seem impossible

Finding the right B2B digital marketing agency can be challenging at the best of times. But finding one that is also proficient in your particular niche, industry or business practice can be nearly impossible.

However, this is precisely what Global Cents found with Demodia.

  • Effective campaigns that accelerate sales

  • Industry expertise and experience

  • Exceptional results, unachievable internally


Personalised demonstration leads to a smoother sales process 

Finding a professional partnership that delivers results based on collaborative working, agile approaches and problem solving on-the-fly is gold to any business. This is what OpenText has found with Demodia, a partnership which gives them the ability to rapidly develop workable enablement solutions, from concept to prototype, no matter the scale.

  • More quickly deliver value to prospects

  • Uncover most effective activities

  • Deliver incremental benefits within managed budget


Download a template that shows you exactly how to create a compelling success story

By using success stories to show the exceptional results your solution can bring to your customers, you can create prospects that trust your company and understand the value you deliver, enabling you to increase your conversion rates and profits.

Stop wasting time and download the worksheet now.

The modern marketing makeover brings more business

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving medium. With the advent of marketing automation, the updated approaches to content marketing and social media, as well as ever-foreboding regulations such as the GDPR, many companies don't know where to begin. An up-to-date marketing approach and defined processes are the only way forward if you want to increase your customer engagement and make your sales processes more effective.

  • Increased customer engagement

  • Visibility in a traditional marketplace

  • Increased organic traffic and leads


Personalised customer onboarding experience brings exceptional value to the business

No matter how extensive your customer base is, sometimes they just don't engage, and if you're not careful, they forget about your brand. Establishing contact with new or existing clients is significantly more engaging when a personalised onboarding experience is introduced. OpenText wanted to engage and establish a relationship with their joint customer base, ensure they were satisfied with the solutions they had purchased, and provide a way for them to up-sell and cross-sell additional products from their portfolio.

  • Extending existing customer relationships

  • Opening sales opportunities

  • Increased customer interactivity


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