What’s new in the SharpSpring 2016 summer release

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SharpSpring boasts a fantastic 1,000+ agency partners which run 10,000+ businesses. But this is not a post about how great SharpSpring is, this is a post about their latest summer 2016 product release.

What’s new in the SharpSpring 2016 Summer Release

Just two years ago the SharpSpring marketing automation platform was new and unknown. Today it boasts a fantastic 1,000 agency partners which run 10, 000 businesses. But this is not a post about how great SharpSpring is. This is a post about their latest summer 2016 product release.

The landing page builder

Possibly the most exciting news from SharpSpring. The landing page builder allows any marketer, assistant or house elf to create attractive and user-friendly landing pages, publish content and convert the desired leads. SharpSpring provides templates for pages, which are responsive and malleable. The builder is created so that you can start converting leads quickly: for you and your clients.

Marketers know that beginning is tricky. Clients and CMOs expect to see results as soon as a strategy starts to be implemented (that is, of course, when they have a marketing strategy. Yes, a written one down, and not just an agreement to get more leads.)

Here is what you can do with the Landing Page Builder:

  • Point-and-click WYSIWYG editor: it allows you to point and click to choose your layout, components and add a form to create unique landing pages in minutes.
  • Landing page funnels: create a series of linked pages so that your visitors can transition smoothly from prospects to customers. There are seven categories of pre-designed funnel templates to choose from.
  • Library of designs and responsive templates: a variety of responsive layouts designed to look great on any device. Use them to create a landing page that is consistent with the look and feel of your website. But please do not commit any of the ten mortal sins of landing page design.
  • Dynamic content: allows you to incorporate dynamic web content without the help of a developer.
  • Optimize for any device: you can modify the design so that it looks at its absolute best on any device your visitors are using.
  • Full integration with SharpSpring: all the pages you will create will be automatically embedded with a tracking code to capture every visit. This will make it even easier for you to nurture lead since they will automatically be assigned to the right workflow.

The blog tool

Content marketing should be a major part of your marketing strategy. When you provide quality content, you will enhance company awareness, improve product/service visibility and fulfill the needs of your audience. To be successful, you will need a blog and a content map to guide your visitors and make sure you don’t lose yourself. SharpSpring is here to help you with the former. The blogging tool enables users to implement content marketing strategies quickly and efficiently. With the blog tool, you will be able to show them.

Here is how the blog tool will make your life easier:

  • Point-and-click WYSIWYG editor: again, the intuitive editor will allow you to create your blog without the need of HTML or the danger of making changes on the rest of the website.
  • Library of designs: you have a whole library of responsive index and content page templates to tailor your blog to your needs and publish content right away
  • Manage and publish posts: drop content; assign author; label with a category; publish/schedule according to your marketing calendar. Congratulations! You are a blogger now.
  • RSS email syndication: decide when to update your subscribers with the latest content. You decide what they see: thumbnail, title, date, or whatever you prefer.
  • Social: if an article is posted, does it matter if there is no one to read it? Fear not, you don’t have to answer. You get a social sharing widget, which automatically embeds in every post so that people can share your content.
  • Full SharpSpring integration: tracking code is automatically embedded in pages so that you never miss an opportunity. You can add media center links so that you track visits to external resources. Lead capturing and nurturing has never been easier!

SharpSpring Mail+

Update: SharpSpring has now discontinued their Mail+ platform.

The new product is a powerful email marketing solution which includes all the basic marketing automation benefits built-in. So how is it different to other email service providers? Here is what you get with Mail+ :

  • VisitorID
  • Behaviour-based segmentation
  • Dynamic form builder
  • Dynamic lists
  • Dynamic email content
  • Contact manager with social integration

In summary

To recap: you will be able to:

  • build pages, write posts and send emails, which adapt to leads;
  • easily create rules and change content
  • change your call to action based on the lead score
  • use data to create special experience and drive more sales
  • you don’t get charged extra

Generating and nurturing leads has never been easier. Thanks to SharpSpring.