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As already noted in Part I, it's marketing conference season and there are some really exciting marketing events looming over the next couple of months. Part I presented three big events in October and at the beginning of November. Part II will further focus on what's coming up after October. Some big names in the inbound marketing industry are set to attend and give presentations, so anyone from marketing managers and directors through to PR agencies should book as soon as possible to avoid missing out on new insights as well as plenty of innovation and inspiration.

The Content Avalanche


The event is B2B Marketing's annual conference: The Content Avalanche, the date: 07.11 and the location: Cavendish Square, London. For just one day, B2B has rounded up some key speakers to present the latest ideas and best practices in successful content marketing. Furthermore, as with any serious marketing conference, this one will also offer the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with leading B2B content marketers and receive advice. If you can't make it for all the presentations, make sure to attend at least these three.

Content is not king – creative content is king

by Drew Nicholson, CEO and Founder of DNX

Drew Nicholson will talk about content programmes that are intelligent and engaging, instead of treating people like uninformed and random leads. Drew will address the issue of how the sales cycle has developed and how marketers need to evolve as well. This entails offering creative content that is targeted at particular people who engage with a brand and develop a relationship, before meeting the sales team.

Content and customer-centricity – how to get beyond the hype and create real engagement 

by Frédéric Baffou, Branding & Marketing Director of Reed Elsevier International

Frédéric will focus on what customer-centricity really means and the need to go beyond the cliché of simply claiming it for one's brand but also actually implementing it. This entails incorporating customers' value drivers into the brand's content strategy, so as to stand out, trigger engagement and thus be truly customer-centric. Standing out is about altering customers' perceptions, rather than simply competing with other brands.

Plan, manage, optimise: preparing for content marketing in 2014

by Dr. Dave Chaffey, CEO of Smart Insights

Highlighting 10 trends and tendencies in the content marketing industry, Dave Chaffey will talk about how inbound marketing has developed and has finally become mainstream, rather than the work of only a few knowledgeable insiders. But mainstream also means faster development and though certain B2B companies have been focusing on content marketing for a long time, further refinement, managing and optimisation of content are possible and needed. He will provide some interesting examples of recent developments and what new B2B content marketing tools are available.

OpenText Enterprise World 2013                                                    

Dedicated to the Power of Information, the 2013 OpenText Enterprise World conference (17-21 November in Florida), will focus entirely on how to “discover, control, secure, and unleash [information] so that you can be remarkable”. As mentioned in the above paragraph – 2013 is the year content marketing has finally gone 'viral' and the OpenText Enterprise conference will focus exactly on this. The conference is highly specialised and will offer numerous workshops, training and breakout sessions as well as track industry keynote sessions from thought leaders, industry experts and OpenText executives. Furthermore, it will also feature William Shatner as a special guest speaker. At the time of writing, not all information about sessions is available. So note the following keynote speakers and make sure to check back in soon to find out more about their sessions.

Mark Barrenechea, President and Chief Executive Officer, OpenText

Mark Barrenechea has been at OpenText since January 2012. Before that, he was CEO of SGI (Silicon Graphics International Corporation) and he has also worked as CTO for CA, and as Senior Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle Corporation. He is author of two books titled: “ebusiness or Out of Business: Oracle's Roadmap for Profiting in the New Economy," and “Software Rules: How the Next Generation of Enterprise Applications Will Increase Strategic Effectiveness." He will be one of the main keynote conference speakers.

Kevin Cochrane, Chief Marketing Officer, OpenText

Kevin Cochrane is responsible for OpenText's strategic and operational aspect of the company's marketing on a global level. He has acquired extensive experience in information management, including his experience at Adobe Systems, prior to joining OpenText. He has also worked on worldwide corporate and product marketing while at Day Software, covering customer support programmes as well. As such, he has studied marketing from a variety of angles and has many interesting insights to offer.

Muhi Majzoub, Senior Vice President, Engineering, OpenText

At OpenText, Muhi Majzoub is in charge of managing product development cycles, global development organisation and internal operations and development processes. Previously, he had worked at defining NorthgateArinso's product vision and strategy as well as quality assurance, technical writing and releases. He has also worked at Oracle Corporation where he was occupied with the Sales Automation Suite and various Sales and Business Intelligence Systems.

The International Content Marketing Summit                                                   

The last marketing event to be presented is the International CMA Summit, taking place on Nov. 27 in Old Billingsgate, London. The event will feature marketing automation and content marketing specialists, and is seen as one of the leading content marketing conferences in the world. Placing great emphasis on the power of content marketing and the 'seismic revolution in the marketing sector', the conference will see many prominent speakers from different industries and professional spheres. These will range from political directors to journalists, creative directors, psychologists and many more. As such, the event is appropriate and welcoming to anyone interested in high-quality content marketing, the latest trends and developments in the industry, based on results, experience and serious research. While the conference programme is still being updated, the following three key speakers have our attention and they should have yours too. These are: Ronojoy Dam (Creative Director, Vice), Jonathan Mildenhall (VP, Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence at Coca-Cola) and Guy Dunn (Head of Content Marketing Division, The Economist). Even if you are not able to attend all of these events, any one of them is guaranteed to offer you extensive and in-depth content marketing knowledge as well as the latest industry findings and information. Furthermore, you will be able to exchange valuable information with other marketers and will certainly create some valuable contacts.


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