Swiss marketing tag 2019 - Luzern

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The Swiss Marketing Tag brings together leaders of digital marketing to share insights and industry knowledge. This year's event focuses on the future of digital marketing agencies as well as the trends and future prospects within the next 3 to 5 years.

Swiss Marketing Tag 2019 - Luzern

Once again, Demodia is proud to be sponsoring and presenting at the Swiss Marketing Tag event in Luzern.

With 12 speakers, 100 sponsors & partners, and 24 exhibitors, the Marketing Tag 2019 hosted by the Swiss Marketing Forum is an event that many digital marketers across Switzerland look forward to year on year. This year the event will focus in on the future of digital marketing agencies as well as the trends and future prospects within the next three to five years. This is an opportunity that Swiss digital marketing professionals would not want to miss out on.

What is the Swiss Marketing Tag?

For those not in the know, the Swiss Marketing Tag is seen as one of the most important events in a Swiss marketer's calendar, and consistently brings in the leaders of digital marketing across the country to share insights and industry knowledge. Marketing professionals are given the opportunity to network, learn and present with new ideas and trends in the marketing industry.

This year, the event is expected to attract over a thousand visitors. Speakers such as Martin Lindstrom (CEO, Lindstrom Company), Guntram Friede (Head of Marketing, Salesforce), Karsten Ranitzsch (Head of Coffee, Nestle Nespresso) and our very own Vincent Hänggi will be speaking at the event to discuss the future of marketing and marketing trends within the next three to five years.

What is the Swiss Marketing Tag topic for 2019?

The Swiss Marketing Tag theme for 2019 is “Light My Fire”, and how marketers can offer unique content and other offerings to customers in a contested, saturated and increasingly transparent market. Speakers will present their thoughts on unique innovations, processes, values and experiences that modern marketers in Switzerland and abroad can apply to their own methods.

Is the Swiss Marketing Tag worth it?

If you’re interested in marketing, industry trends or simply an entrepreneur seeking inspiration for your company, the Swiss Marketing Tag is well worth the cost, and an ideal opportunity to network.

Last year, 49% of participants were able to achieve 1-2 useful business contacts, and 23% said that they received 3-5 useful business contacts as a result of the last marketing tag. 84% of participants thought that the 2018 presentations were excellent or very good.

The Details

WHEN - March 12, 2019
WHERE - The KKL Lucerne, Switzerland
TICKETS - You can find your tickets here, which range from CHF 590 to CHF 890.

Included in the price are participation in all presentations, panel discussions, the award ceremony for the Marketing Trophy and the breakout sessions. Participants will enjoy delicious food, be treated to a welcome coffee and a networking lunch. Note that ticket orders made after 8 March 2019 will no longer be delivered to your address. These tickets can be picked up at the box office on 12 March 2019 at the main entrance of the KKL Luzern.

If you would like an exclusive discounted entry ticket coupon, just contact us and we'll send one over.

See you there!

From all of us here at Demodia, we look forward to seeing you at the Swiss Marketing Tag event this year. As Swiss-based experts in digital marketing, we believe this is an opportunity that you do not want to miss out on.