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Let’s face it - your website is the new storefront for the digital era. The first impression someone gets of you is usually from your website. At this point they haven't spoken with your marketing, sales or customer service team—they've simply just landed on your website.

If you build it properly, it functions as intended and welcomes people in, you’ll not only attract new customers but keep your current ones. That’s why it’s more important than ever to design an outstanding website, and with HubSpot’s new CMS Hub just around the corner, now’s the time to draw inspiration.

To this end, we’ve gathered five of the most amazing websites built using HubSpot’s current CMS offering and will reveal what we like most about them.


Industry: Software
Size: Mid-market
Location: United States


What we like about it: interactivity

Tricerat’s website is incredibly responsive and offers multiple calls to action throughout the viewing experience. However, its true value shows through the interactivity it offers its visitors. On the front page of the website, visitors are first offered a demo. Any visitors that do not sign up for the demo are then given an option of two different paths. These paths are suited for administrators and service providers—their two primary target customers.

Depending on which path their visitors select, the website will present different aspects of their solutions that address the pain points of each customer type. Besides this, the website offers many opportunities for visitor interaction with call to actions, interactive buttons and a lot of helpful resources and pages. This is all further encouraged through the high responsiveness of the website in general.


Industry: Health and Fitness
Size: Small business
Location: United States


What we like about it: smart use of HubSpot’s Custom Modules

Originally, Assauged’s website took a while to load and was a confusing experience for anyone who wanted to browse what they had to offer. Their original website required the visitor to continuously scroll through broad, generalised categories such as ‘Kitchen and Home’ to find anything.

After using HubSpot’s CMS system to build their new website, Assanged has managed to create a user experience that is highly customisable and interactive with HubSpot Custom Modules. Assanged’s products were categorised into filterable sections, including a “Featured Products” category that allows the customer to highlight key products, and pagination was added on the page to limit the number of products that load simultaneously. 

Through effective use of HubSpot’s Custom Modules, Assanged has completely transformed its website and user experience.


Industry: Marketing
Size: Mid-market
Location: Switzerland 


What we like about it: the educational experience

While it may seem cheeky to include our own website on this list, it would seem incomplete if we did not mention Demodia as a great example of what can be done with a client experience-first approach in CMS Hub.

CMS Hub provides opportunities to discover what clients are interested in and what content they most engage with. Demodia uses this information to maximum effect on their website.

Everything on the Demodia website is created to help clients find solutions to their problems. The flow on the website educates clients every step of the way until they are either satisfied or ready to complete a call to action.


Industry: Real estate
Size: Mid-market
Location: United States


What we like about it: creative application of the HubSpot Blog module

Mediterra’s website serves as a system to advertise and list the properties they sell. However, the inherent challenge for such a system is the constant page updates, additions and removals the owners must perform to keep it relevant and useful.

Mediterra’s solution appears on their website without their visitors even noticing. Each of their house listings is actually a blog post from the HubSpot Blog module to create an entire property directory. This makes it easy to edit and create new home listings for their visitors without the need to build entire pages from scratch.


Industry: Software
Size: Mid-market
Location: United States

What we like about it: Easy dynamic content

Pillir’s website looks sleek, modern and streamlined offering visitors a seamless experience that enables them to navigate the website to find exactly what they’re looking for. Each page on Pillir’s website has a unique layout that falls in line with its branding and the general theme of the website.

However, despite each page looking unique, they are actually all from the same page template. Through HubSpot CMS, Pillir was able to slightly modify each page to feel, read and act differently. Thanks to HubSpot CMS, the webpages were easily created and presented by marketers without the need for developer intervention. The custom modules are built to be easy-to-manage and reusable across new pages throughout the site as the site scales over time. Custom popup forms create a simple but elegant lead conversion experience that gives the site the feel of a top-tier technology brand, that Pillir as a brand already represents.

Build the best

With HubSpot CMS any marketer can build truly engaging and unique website experiences, and with HubSpot’s new CMS Hub just around the corner, we’re really looking forward to what can be accomplished in the future.

Did any of these websites give you inspiration for building or improving your own? Demodia has experience in building websites and creating memorable user experiences. With decades of experience in digital marketing and HubSpot, Demodia is the ideal partner to achieve your marketing goals.

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