New HubSpot CMS - give control back to marketers

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HubSpot CMS Hub Professional and CMS Hub Enterprise aim to give control of website development to marketers. We talk about the new HubSpot CMS.

New HubSpot CMS - Give Control Back to Marketers

As an official HubSpot Gold partner, we’re really excited to announce that HubSpot is completely remaking their CMS to be better, more efficient and easier to use. Through two new CMS products, CMS Hub Professional and CMS Hub Enterprise, HubSpot aims to give control of website development to marketers and avoid gatekeepers.


What is CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise?

The central idea behind CMS Hub Professional is to allow marketers to focus their energy on providing their customers with an amazing experience. No longer will developers have exclusive control over websites. With CMS Hub Professional, marketers will be able to create content, develop experiences and capture leads without needing website developers to be involved.

CMS Hub Enterprise is the more advanced version of Professional, adding additional features like serverless functions and reverse proxy support as well as multiple brand domains, approval workflows and deep analytics. It also includes all the professional features that are listed below.

Here are a few core abilities that CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise can give your marketers.

  • Create Content
    CMS Hub gives you the ability to use templates, themes and drag-and-drop functionality to create truly unique pages. There is also a marketplace with thousands of templates to streamline website development.

  • Get Found Online
    CMS Hub also provides SEO recommendations and Google Search Console integration to help you create a website that not only reads well for humans, but also for search engines.

  • Develop Experiences
    HubSpot is known for user experience, and the CMS Hub follows in this tradition. Multi-language content, CRM-driven dynamic pages, personalised content and CSM staging all enrich the user experience for website visitors.

  • Capture Leads
    With forms, live chat, conversational landing pages and pop-up forms built into the CMS, CMS Hub allows you to capture leads and nurture them through your website.

  • Gain Insight
    CMS Hub also gives you insight into how your website is doing and how you can improve it. Tools like traffic source analytics, page performance metrics and a CRM timeline of site activity help you identify opportunities and fix actions that have a negative impact.

Key Features

CMS Hub comes with some key features that have been hinted at above. These features are designed to work with HubSpot CRM to give your website the best chance of reaching your customers and generating success for your company.

  • A Complete CRM Offering
    By combining CMS Hub with HubSpot CRM, you can keep track of your site visitors engagement and use that information to create customised messaging that speaks directly to them.

  • Website Page Creation & Management Tools
    With CMS Hub, developers can create a flexible content creation experience that enables you to create pages through drag-and-drop editing, allowing you to do more without the need for specialised help.

  • Local Website Development
    CMS Hub allows you to use external tools like GitHub to handle version control, letting you make changes to your website when you’re ready to release.

  • Developer Documentation and Community
    With a Slack community and extensive documentation on release, CMS Hub has answers immediately so you can jump right in and start creating right away.

  • Content Staging
    CMS Hub users can redesign and relaunch website pages in a safe staging area before their website goes live. You can import existing HubSpot-hosted pages or create entirely new ones. All the content you create or publish is hosted on your own domain, enabling you to replace entire websites at once, in one click.

  • Website Themes
    Themes give you the power to create and change site-wide content without web-development experience. HubSpot’s pre-built themes serve as a starting point to allow marketers to make larger-scale changes as they see fit.

  • Dynamic Content with HubDB
    HubDB enables marketers to create data tables for your website or landing pages. You can update the content in the table and have that change reflected across your entire website. This is especially useful for event calendars, product catalogues, employee listings and resources.

  • Multi-Language Content Management
    In today’s globalised market, multi-language content is a must. CMS Hub optimises multi-language pages by grouping each language variation with their primary language page. This helps with SEO and organisation. In addition to this, multi-language sites are compatible with A/B and dynamic testing, allowing you to test any language version of a page to improve its performance. 

Develop Success Today

We’re really excited about this new development for HubSpot. We believe it will make digital marketing that much easier for people without web development experience and remove some of the roadblocks that larger companies have when creating web content.

If you would like some assistance with HubSpot, contact Demodia. Demodia is a Gold Partner HubSpot partner and has decades of experience with marketing automation and digital marketing. If you would like to see what Demodia can do for your own company, contact us today and discover what potential your company has on the web.