How clear messaging increases your customer engagement

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Feel understood and gain more customers with clear messaging


Clarity is at the heart of good communication. If you're clear with what you're saying, people will resonate and understand what you want to communicate. If you're unclear, you will confuse those who hear your message and constantly feel frustrated that no one understands you. This seems like a simple concept to grasp, yet so many companies are unclear with their messaging, leading to confusion for their customers. They lose customer interest and sales by saying too much about things of little importance while feeling confused about how this happened.

Just like in everyday communication, clarity is the best approach to talking to your marketing prospects. In this blog, we will talk about why you need to be clear with your marketing messages and the benefits of clarity for your communications.

A clear message VS an unclear message

Before we get into the benefits, it may help to determine what a clear message is versus an unclear one.

A clear message is one that makes a single, simple statement and often backs it up with straightforward logic. It uses simple terms, avoids jargon and never has to include complex numbers or formulas to be relevant. Often, a single example can demonstrate a clear message in itself.

An unclear message makes multiple, multi-layered statements and topics and often has to justify and explain these statements in great detail. It uses technical terms, jargon and sometimes includes complicated numbers or formulas. Examples often have to be explained and referenced for unclear messages to make sense.

As a marketer, you have to strive to be clear with your messaging if you want to appeal to your audience and hold their attention. Here are five benefits of being clear with your messaging. 

It simplifies your message for wide appeal

Being clear means being simple and being simple means ease of understanding. The easier your message is to understand, the more people you will reach. 

Complicated messages often leave people feeling confused. If they encounter a word or phrase they are unfamiliar with, they will either ignore your message, look for a simplified version, or research what the phrase means. 

Either way, you'll lose interest from your audience and experience lower engagement with your message.

It gets to the point quicker

Today, people don't have time to try and decipher what your message is trying to convey. If you're trying to make multiple points or talking around a wide array of topics, you'll inevitably take longer to get to your point.

Unfortunately, you don't have time on your side. The majority of people scan website content and bounce off of a page within 55 seconds. If your message is clear, you get to the meat of your article quicker, which gives you more of a chance to keep the engagement going and get your message across.

It strengthens your value (by not diluting)

A single point is a strong point. Being concise and clear with what you're saying strengthens your core argument. The more your readers understand your message and the reasons for your position, the more persuasive your communications are. On the other hand, diluting your messages with multiple points and complicated messaging only detract from your more important arguments.

By having persuasive, strong communications, you demonstrate your value as a company and strengthen your brand identity. Thus, being concise, clear and direct with your marketing is one of the best ways to strengthen your value.

It builds empathy

One of the key aspects of inbound marketing and marketing content, in general, is generating empathy with your readers. If your readers are empathetic with your company, they're more likely to support you and remain loyal to your organisation.

Clear messaging helps build empathy by enabling your audience to understand your position. By being clear and avoiding complicated terminology, you'll come across as less condescending or elitist, and instead portray your brand on the level of your audience. Ultimately, this will result in a feeling of camaraderie and identification with your readers.

It holds attention for longer

Online, you're always competing for attention. As humans, your readers are always looking for content and messaging that requires the least amount of effort to consume. If something is too difficult to read or understand, another, clearer article is never too far away.

Simple, short and clear messages resonate with your audience. They prevent them from getting lost with complicated jargon or multi-layered arguments, which often results in your readers bouncing off your content.

In this way, you can retain your audience's attention for longer if you make your content clear and your messaging simple.

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Be clear. Be direct. Be successful.

To be an organisation that maintains high close rates, you need to clearly articulate the value you bring to your customers. To do that, you have to explain your offerings in a way your audience understands and engages with, otherwise, you risk losing leads and money.

Achieving success online begins with a clear and concise message. Without clarity, you risk losing leads and money. We know this because we’ve been there - so many of our clients were saying too much about too little, because it’s difficult to be clear. For the past 12 years, Demodia has refined marketing to generate more revenue for our clients, and we can do it for you too. 

Contact us now for a consultation. We will provide you a step-by-step approach to improve your brand story, so you can watch your conversion-rates and profits increase as customers uncover your true value.