What is a StoryBrand Brandscript?

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Clarify messaging and demonstrate value to generate dedicated customers every day - with the StoryBrand Brandscript


Often, marketers are frustrated that their prospects simply don't understand their value through their messaging. No matter what they put out or how they present their product, they don't see the results they want, leading to a dwindling customer base and bottom line. If these brands could clarify their messaging and demonstrate their value, they would generate a dedicated following and acquiring customers every day - with the StoryBrand Brandscript, this is now possible for anyone.

A story of success

One of the most frustrating challenges of growing a brand is struggling to connect with the people who may need your product or service. The main problem, according to Donald Miller, best-selling author of Building a StoryBrand, is not what you're selling but what you're saying. According to Miller, people are drawn to the products and services they understand the fastest. 

Marketing agencies talk a lot about branding and rebranding, but what does this actually mean? Simply put, your branding is the story your company has to tell. People think in terms of stories, and when you understand how stories work, you know how to connect with people. It is imperative to understand the basics of good storytelling and, consequently, good branding. 

Elements of good storytelling (branding)

Miller describes what he calls a StoryBrand Framework. This refers to the repackaging of storytelling conventions to enhance the way you tell your brand's story. There are seven points to consider: 

  1. Every story starts with a character who wants something.
  2. A problem gets in the way of the character getting what they want.
  3. The character encounters a guide who can help them overcome their problem and get what they want.
  4. The guide gives the character a plan and - 
  5. Calls them to action.
  6. By taking that action, the character avoids failure and - 
  7. Achieves success.


According to Miller, every person wakes up in the morning and sees the world through the eyes of a protagonist. The key is remembering that your customer is the true hero of the story. Your brand is the guide, and you are there to help your customers achieve their goals and solve their problems.

In brand messaging, the StoryBrand approach works through content that is relatable to your consumer. With a starting point that presents a problem, you need to be able to find solutions and present actionable tasks for your consumer to solve this problem - ideally leading them to your products and services. 

What is a BrandScript?

The StoryBrand Framework assists you in understanding and clarifying your message for the customer. BrandScript is the tool you use to flesh out the story with critical details. 

Here are the specific ways it can assist you:

  • It helps you outline your value as a company in terms of how your customers can benefit. 
  • It helps you identify your unique selling proposition.
  • It highlights your practical and emotional value to customers.
  • It demonstrates the fears, challenges and desires of your customers.
  • It helps you position your messaging and brand to achieve clarity and success.

Ultimately, BrandScript is there to help you better understand your customers, what they want, what their problems are, how they define success, and how you can be their guide in all of these aspects. A complete BrandScript is something you are able to refer back to as you refine the content you have to reach out to your customers, perfect your sales pitch, and craft your emails. 

In fact, the BrandScript tool is free to use. 

Download brandscript worksheet

Where do you go from here?

If this is your first time looking into BrandScript, you may find yourself asking a lot of questions. These may include: 

  • Is there a root cause of your customers' problems? 
  • Can you personify this root cause as a villain? 
  • What is the villain in your customer's story?
  • How can you demonstrate competency in solving your customers' problems?
  • What transitional calls will you use to on-ramp customers?

It's one thing to understand the framework but an entirely different thing to start building your brand effectively using it. The essential place to start is to read Building a StoryBrand, and the next step is to find a StoryBrand Certified Agency to help you. 

A guide to your success

Demodia is one such agency that has received the seal of approval for demonstrating how the framework can help you craft meaningful branding. Without clarity, you risk losing leads and money. We know this because we've been there - so many of our clients were saying too much about too little because it’s difficult to be clear. We can help you create a BrandScript to inform compelling web copy, emails, sales pitches, and more. 

Contact us now for a consultation. We will provide you a step-by-step approach to improve your brand story, so you can watch your conversion-rates and profits increase as customers uncover your true value.