Last week today: content marketing roundup

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St. Valentine is approaching and everyone is either thinking of wine, roses and Swiss chocolates. So how about we talk strictly about content marketing?

Last Week Today: Content Marketing Roundup

St. Valentine is approaching and everyone is either thinking of wine, roses and Swiss chocolates or how not to OD on hearts and “50 Shades of Grey” ads. So how about we talk strictly about content marketing? And love. (Come on, just this once. We promise.)

The Content Marketing Funnel of Love


This is a great illustrated guide to content marketing and how to get more love from your audience. If you don’t want to be just a fling, but if you are serious, you need to built a relationship with your customers to-be. In order to win their hearts and trust (because there is no relationship without it), you will need to create content that can reach the customers who are looking for what you are offering (whether they know it or not). So spread the love across your funnel and enjoy this ride by Uberflip

How Does Content Marketing Actually Get You More Sales?

It seems quite appropriate engage with some KISSing now that we’ve gone down the funnel of love. And Neil Patel is just the right guy for that: he is here to explain to you how content marketing when done right can bring you sales. It’s all about cause and effect. And the right email solution. If you want to see that big ROI, you will need email. Content might still be the king, but every king needs his queen.

Publishers, Agencies Must Shift Their Focus From Big Data to Big Content

 This post argues that the moment when the ultimate competitive differentiator- the superior content, will be the focus of marketers and advertisers instead of the tech mania. This week's IAB Annual Leadership Meeting will look at how content and content companies are adapting to the ever-evolving cornucopia of technological opportunity and vice versa. Companies will soon need to pay more attention to content and less to SEO and rankings (just think about Google, which is doing everything to ensure users get authentic engaging content).

8 Moves To Creating Content Your Market Will Find & Love

The last studies show that 80 percent of responders research a product online before buying. So for brands to get the attention of a prospective buyer, they must be active online. Creating content and distributing it takes time and effort to truly understand audience preferences and online habits, as well as content marketing, SEO and social media best practices. So here is an eight-step approach that you can adopt. 

6 Things We Love About Content Marketing Right Now

If you want to make love last, you need to constantly remember why you love who you love. Here the lovely Nicole Karlis reminds us what is lovable about content marketing:

  1. Podcasts Are Really Cool;
  2. Marketers Are Dedicated to Quality;
  3. Journalists Are Becoming Content Marketers & Vice Versa;
  4. Marketers Are More Creative Than Ever;
  5. Audiences Are Engaging With Sponsored Content.

Now is your turn to share the love: tell us what got your attention this week. No, chocolate is not the right answer this time. Be loved!