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If you don't have the time or the tools to engage your audience with social media marketing, you are not reaching your full potential.

Define a social media marketing strategy Establish the right social media channels Deliver effective social media campaigns Better engage your online audience

Develop Your Social Media Strategy

We know one size does not fit all. We create personalized social media plans for businesses that reflect your organisation’s vision and mission, attracts the attention of your target market, engages with your current and future customers and keeps an eye on the competition.

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Authoring Content for Social Campaigns

From blog posts, to white papers, to infographics, Demodia develops content at scale and regularly. Our professional storytellers will help you plan your message and position your product or services in an interesting and different way. We’ll advise you what content works best, and ensure you increase your social presence.

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Provide an engaging social experience Get attention by sharing unique images Stay at the top of your audience’s mind Demonstrate your value through unique content

Build your lead pipeline through LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn to generate more leads for your business.

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Content Outreach

Content outreach is as important as the content itself. If no-one reads your content, does it matter how good it is? We will help you choose the appropriate channels and share your content with followers at the times of day that you are most likely to achieve highest engagement.

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Ensure your valuable content gets read and shared No need for in-house social media resources No need to pay for keyword advertisements Engage niche audiences
Locate the right people Reach a broader, yet highly-targeted audience Establish trust with industry thought leaders Generate new social media followers

Engage with Industry Influencers

Not all social media users are created equal, and influencer marketing is an essential part of any social strategy. Influencers increase your audience reach and establish you as a thought-leader. We identify influencers, engage them in conversation and build relationships that support your business objectives.

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