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How to develop a killer value proposition

By evaluating the needs and challenges faced by your target customers and uncovering the unique selling points and values underlying your offering, we help you to stand out above the crowd and push aside weaker competition.

Identification of customer needs Review of competitive differentiators Uncovering market trends Establishment of unique benefits

Value Proposition Design

A value proposition describes the overarching promise of a product, service or company within a marketplace. It articulates why a prospect should engage with your company and what benefits they will receive in return. We walk business through a structured process to establish the key values and differentiators that will get you noticed.

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Product and Brand Positioning

Positioning statements reflect a subset of your overall value proposition that is targeted to a highly specific segment or audience persona. Effective positioning is an essential component of any persona-based marketing programme and plays a large part in modern content marketing strategies.

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Persona development Competitive differentiation Most significant targeted benefits Campaign identification and design
Core messaging and elevator pitch Tagline and slogan Journey-based storylines and narrative Hooks and social attention grabbers

Messaging Development and Authoring

As a subset of your positioning efforts, messaging is the art of authoring the words that you will use with the audience you are targeting. Clear messaging is an essential part of any marketing programme and a prerequisite to the creation of quality content. Our team design compelling messages that guide prospects through their buyer journey and convert them to leads.

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Competitive Research and Intelligence

Why does the competition always seem to be doing better than you? What is their secret sauce? Using our hush-hush spy tools we find out who is trying to compete against you and uncover their marketing secrets. Our agents research product information, search keywords, advertising sources and competitor messages to establish effective ways to fight or avoid competition.

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Know who you really compete with Company and product research Battle-cards and play-books Competitive keywords and SEO
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With the best selling offerings being the ones that are positioned most effectively within a defined market, can you afford not to review your value proposition? When you engage Demodia, you’re working with digital marketing experts that will use our structured framework to ensure your brand or products are represented in the best way possible.

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