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About Pardot implementation services

There is a lot involved in implementing Pardot. Our experts will help you plan for, setup and deploy Pardot enabling you to start delivering new leads as quickly as possible.

Marketing Automation Readiness Audit CRM Review and Data Import Website Integration Template Development

Implementation Planning

As a Salesforce certified partner, Demodia get you up and running with Pardot as quickly as possible; determining the current status of your marketing activities, setting up initial templates, scoring rules, and importing your first contacts. Our consultants will teach you about marketing automation best practices and how to use the Pardot marketing automation technology within your own campaigns.

Pardot Implementation & On-boarding Programme

If you’re new to Pardot or just need someone to guide you through your first steps, our quick start implementation and on-boarding programme is designed just for you. During your 60-day on-boarding we setup and configure your Pardot platform; integrating it with your website, setting up an initial contact database, integrating with your CRM, and setting up templates. We also teach your team how to use the Pardot to effectively build your own campaigns.

Configure Email & Page Templates Setup Website Tracking & Forms Import Initial Contacts Setup Scoring Rules
Lead Scoring Best Practices Definition of Audience / Personas Design of Lead Scoring Rules Setup Lead Scoring Programme

Lead Scoring Systems

An effective lead scoring system will enable you to identify those leads that are ready to purchase and save you wasting sales effort on those that aren't. Out consultants will work with you to define your buyer personas and setup activity scoring rules which enable you to see who to follow-up with and who was just looking.

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Scoring

Everything you need to know to setup and execute successful lead scoring programmes.

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Configuration of Custom Fields List Planning Dynamic List Configuration Subscription Management

Contact Segmentation

Marketing automation is about personalisation and engaging with contacts around topics that are of interest to them. The secret to this is effective segmentation. Our consultants will determine the best way to slice and dice your contacts in a way that will enable you to deliver the right information to the right people. We also guide you through the process of setting up an effective communication preference centre to allow prospects to define their own interests.

Website Integration

One of the first things you will want to do when you implement Pardot is to integrate it with your website. Setting up visitor tracking will help you understand which companies are visiting your site and what your prospects do when they view your content. We implement core web functionality including visitor tracking, integrating online forms, configuring site search and setting up your own branded site CNAME.

Tracking Code Implementation Form Integration Site Search Configuration Landing Page Domain (Site CNAME)
Email Template Design & Implementation WYSIWYG Email Editor Integration Landing Page Template Development Form Template Development

Template Design and Implementation

In order to start engaging with prospects through Pardot you will need to configure your email, landing page and form templates. Our team will design, develop and implement custom branded templates of your own within the Pardot and ensure that your users are able to quickly copy and edit them using the provided WYSIWG editors.

Demodia Services Packages for Pardot

Our Pardot services packages provide you with the consulting and operational support you need to deliver successful automated campaigns.

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Integration Planning Salesforce CRM Configuration Custom Field Setup Pardot Lightning App

CRM Integration

Getting your contacts from your Sales Cloud CRM instance into Pardot is a pre-requisite to starting any campaign. We will setup the necessary connectors, map lead / contact / account fields, create custom fields, configure campaign settings and get you ready to launch.

Engagement Studio Nurture Programmes

From managing double opt-in processes to content centric nurtures, marketing automation is about so much more than just glorified email marketing. We will show you how to use the Pardot Engagement Studio to plan and develop programmes, then we guide you through delivery of your own initial campaign.

Integrated Campaign Design Nurture Programme Planning Engagement Studio Development Double Opt-in Programmes
Migration Planning Content Audit Database Cleansing Landing Page & Email Template Conversion Platform On-boarding

Marketing Automation Migration

If you've out-grown your existing marketing automation solution, we will guide you through your migration to the Pardot B2B marketing platform. We review and audit your existing online marketing assets, including collateral, websites forms, templates and contact lists, to determine what needs to be transferred. Then we support your team through the process of configuring, converting and importing them into your new Pardot instance. Our aim is to ensure a smooth migration and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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Whether you're a client or not, we love to share our experience. If you've got a question about marketing with Pardot, just complete the contact form with your question and one of our experts will reach out to you with an answer - no risk and no cost. Why wait!