Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Create buyer journeys Map and develop marketing collateral Design micro-sites, landing pages and emails Nurture programmes and drip campaigns

Campaign Design, Development and Delivery

From conception through to deployment; using the 4Cs (coherence, consistency, continuity, complementary) as our guide we craft and deliver your integrated marketing campaigns. Our integrated campaigns are logically connected across different channels and audiences, their messages support and reinforce each other, and communications are connected and consistent through time. The sum off all these efforts is one award winning campaign.

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Drip Programmes and Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Marketing automation allows you to automate part of the marketing process so that marketers can focus on targeting potential customers according to where they are on their buyer’s journey. By providing them with thought leadership and best practices quality content, your prospects become leads and enter the buyer’s cycle.

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Define and target personas Get the right messages across Map content to buyer journey Create marketing automation programmes
Marketing automation implementation and operation Lead nurturing Campaign design and execution Analytics and reporting

Campaign Automation

Automation is an essential component of every integrated campaign. From lead nurturing programmes to campaign analytics, marketing automation tools provide the glue that holds your campaign elements together. Our team of marketing automation experts implement your campaigns, build lead scoring programmes and monitor the results generated by each integrated component.

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Channel Selection and Content Mapping

Integrated, mixed-media campaigns are superior to single-media campaigns because they present more opportunities for prospects to engage and take action. Using buyer personas, we set-up profiles, build stories and create the content to engage your audience using different media. We grab your prospects’ attention by delivering strong messages at the time and in the places they are ready to engage.

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Choosing the right channels Physical and electronic media Social engagement and monitoring Industry forums and communities
Marketing automation vendor selection and on-boarding Social media monitoring and publication tools Content marketing calendaring and media management Sales enablement, mobile events and other solutions

Marketing Technology and Tools

Guiding your prospect’s through their buying journey is vital to your success. The answer to improved marketing productivity and increased conversion rates is using the right marketing tools for the right job. Whether marketing automation, content marketing, social media or web analysis we guide you through the marketing technology minefield and implement the right tools for your business.

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Campaign Tracking and Analytics

To understand whether you are achieving conversions and where they are coming from, smart monitoring and review techniques are essential. By establishing key metrics in advance you can assess how each elements is performing and where things are going wrong. Using the right tools, we will discover any problems and work with you to optimise your approaches.

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SEO and keyword reviews Campaign analytics and ROI reporting Buyer journey and content analysis User experience review
email sending

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