Marketing automation: a Swiss author's view

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Marketing Automation: a Swiss Author's View

Marketing Automation: a Swiss Author's View

Marketing Automation - already a well-established concept

The name already betrays it: Marketing Automation is primarily responsible for automating marketing tasks. However, this does not completely describe the extent of its functionality; marketing automation can do much more. To understand how these systems deliver the greatest value, you also need to look at the sales process and its numerous factors. Marketing automation not only plays a role in the online world - offline touchpoints can also be included and lead potential customers safely to the deal.

Sales automation with the best system

Automating a complex activity such as the sales process is a big challenge. Marketing Automation can not only do this, it also automates various processes simultaneously, organizes leads into varying campaigns and collects real-time data. But not only the scope of functions and operation of marketing automation are complex, even the selection of a suitable system represents an obstacle. With so many factors, beginners in particular need both basic information and decision-making aids.

Where can I find the latest information on marketing automation?

Are books on such a dynamic subject even up to date? Industry blogs are probably the fastest way to read up on the latest trends and topics in a well-founded way. Nevertheless, the classic book on this topic is more topical than ever before. Not least for beginners, introductory books are important: here a single topic is dealt with stringently and without distraction. Well-researched and clearly understandable, reference books offer a holistic overview. Advanced users, on the other hand, also appreciate the targeted lookup of content with only a brief look at the table of contents.

Which books are available for Marketing Automation?

With "Marketing and Sales Automation" readers receive a comprehensive overview of the basics, but also various practical insights within the technical articles. Published by Uwe Hannig, it offers a scientific approach to the topic, which can be a real hurdle for beginners. Also, "Marketing Automation", edited by Thomas Schwarz, is a rich compendium of professional articles and practical examples in the use of marketing automation. It is also almost too comprehensive for beginners, and the last edition dates from 2014, and much has happened in the marketing automation landscape since then.

Easy-to-follow, practical guide - now available in a new edition

SMBs in particular who are interested in marketing automation need a little more support. With "Mehr Unternehmenserfolg mit Marketing Automation 2018", Alex Schöpf has now published a particularly practical book in its third edition. It addresses the situation for SMBs and contains everything they need to become more successful with marketing automation. Basics are explained in the same comprehensible way as specific questions about marketing mechanisms. Unlike many other reference books, this book addresses the situation of Swiss SMBs and also sheds light on the initial considerations that should precede the selection of the right system. In concrete terms, it explains where and how current information about suitable software systems can be found. From system selection to the first campaign, this book is a treasure trove for all those who want to use marketing automation for themselves. Further information can be found on Alex's website.