How to find and setup the right CRO tool for you

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4 Steps to finding the right CRO tool for you


4 Steps to finding the right CRO tool for you

It’s a nightmare for any digital marketer - you’re getting lots of leads, but none of them are converting. It’s like dying of thirst in a sea of freshwater - if that sounds absurd to you, it’s because it is. In today’s day and age, no one should struggle with sales if you have enough leads, and if you’re experiencing this problem there are very simple steps to get you back on the path to profitability.

You need to convert leads - fast

In a sea of competing offers so many marketers get drowned out in the noise. To make matters worse, attracting leads is only the first step towards making a sale - you still have to convince them that your product is worthwhile and the best one available.

It’s an extremely frustrating experience when your marketing materials attract customers but, for whatever reason, they decide to take their business elsewhere. You need the sales to prove your marketing is working, but have no idea why your efforts are going unanswered. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many leads you attract. If you can’t make a sale, your business will be in ruins sooner rather than later, putting you and your company in a very insecure position.

4 Steps to Convert More Leads

As a digital marketing consultancy, we understand. We’ve seen hundreds of companies just like yours face the same problem day in and day out. It doesn’t matter how large they are, what industry they’re in, or how extensive their budget is - they couldn’t find out why their marketing materials were failing to convert.

The solution to this wasn’t so much that these companies were doing the wrong thing, it was that they were using the wrong tools. When we set them up with the right tools, they started to notice more sales and better conversion rates, almost immediately. Now many of them see results from their marketing efforts and are able to prove their ROI to justify their marketing budgets.

In fact, when we first started out in 2012 we had to spend a lot of time finding a simple process to find these tools, so we know what a daunting and laborious process it can be. Thankfully, we’ve distilled the process into four steps to help you find the tool you need to convert more leads and make a success of your business.


Step 1 - Research the tools

Since you have enough leads coming into your business, exposure and attraction isn’t the problem. The problem you have is one of nurturing. For each lead, you have to gradually introduce how your product or service can benefit them before asking for a sale.

For many companies, they put this down to a manual approach, but this can result in leads being left cold, not having enough resources or failing to convert within a reasonable time-frame. The key to overcoming this is through marketing automation. With automation, you can nurture leads as soon as they come to your website with content personalised to each prospect.

However, you need to know which tool would be the best fit for you. Many marketing automation tools come bundled with features that smaller companies may not need - and simply can’t afford.

Here are a few we can recommend:

Step 2 - Set up your MA tool

Once you’ve selected your tool, you should begin using it. This can be as complex or as simple as you like, but we’ve found the most effective approaches involve automating your nurturing through workflows.

To get this to work, many tools will have different methodologies in place, but they will all involve these basic operations that you will need to set up.

  • Forms for lead info capture - you can gate this behind content leads may want, but the data you want is primarily email address, title, company and cellphone number.
  • Email sequences - this will send out emails for leads who bounce off your website as well as help interested leads towards a sale.
  • Lead scoring - setting up a system which scores leads based on their interest and fit for your company will help you identify which to focus on and when to ask for a sale.
  • Personalisation - once you have the details above, you can personalise your messaging to gain the maximum intended effect for your leads, helping you speak to specific pain points. 

Step 3 - Monitor and update

No automation system no matter how advanced will stay relevant forever. You must constantly evaluate your messaging, contact touch-points, and what you ask from your leads throughout the operation of your business. 

Look out for where many of your leads drop off, whether you’re getting quality leads or not, and the response rate to your email campaigns. Each of these aspects will tip you off in the direction of what you may need to change.

Step 4 - Contact Us

Attracting leads can be difficult - and nurturing them towards a sale even more so. You may need a partner to help you select the ideal tool for you and set it up for optimal success. 

We know this because we’ve been there. Demodia has used nearly every tool on the market in an effort to understand how digital marketing tools contribute to success. You don’t want to lose new business or old customers by letting your leads fall through the cracks. You just end up running out of money and time to learn or try new things.

We believe in a better way. We believe you deserve a marketing automation platform that should play a core role to help you turn more leads into conversions - we’ve done it ourselves. As a HubSpot Gold Partner and one of Europe's leading HubSpot inbound agency partners with over 10 years of practical experience, we’re ready to help you find success with your digital marketing - and we can do it in 3 easy steps.

  1. Book a consultation - Just click the link and book a timeslot for a full review.
  2. Meet for 30 minutes - We will present a plan to tackle your challenges, and goals.
  3.  Attract, engage, and delight - Watch your business grow by leveraging the best use of your CRM.

You can also download our inbound marketing framework white paper for more information.

We look forward to helping you realise your marketing automation goals to make more conversions, more often. 

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