AI in marketing

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As far as AI is concerned, machines are here to help us regular marketing folk grow and focus on the personalization and the delivery of better results.

AI in Marketing

In Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, we looked into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and explored how it will set the foundation for modern marketers - part data scientist, part creative.  As far as AI is concerned, machines are here to help us regular marketing folk grow and focus on the personalization and the delivery of better results.

AI used to be a thing of the future and sci-fi material and now it’s a bit hard to believe we are employing it even for marketing. But it has been around for a while: it helps us analyze and process marketing and sales data. Recently it has become an even bigger trend and it’s here to stay. We’ve prepared for you an overview of the useful AI technologies marketers can employ up till now so that it can help you improve your services and business.


More and more companies are discovering the advantages of chatbots. Marketers, communication executives and customer service representatives are deploying this new technology to their advantages. Chatbots or chatterbots are virtual sales assistants who respond thanks to rules and artificial intelligence. They have improved because of the natural language processing (NLP) that operates them. There are two types of chatbots: branded or service chatbots and informational chatbots. Siri, Cortana, Echo, Alexa and many others are examples of informational chatbots and don’t have a marketing function.

Additionally, chatbots can help you with consumers analysis and improve the personalization of ads. It is customary for brands to be passive when it comes to customer interaction- they usually wait for the customer to approach them so they can respond. Now the chatbots are initiating the contact. The chatbots can ask simple questions and gather the information, which will help you for website optimization. You will be able to improve low converting pages and improve the overall user experience. Furthermore, you can use the data to create customized messaging that will guide seamlessly the consumer along the buyer’s journey.  Keep in mind it’s better to do A/B testing on the customized messages before you deploy them.

And now Oracle has joined by adding bots to the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite to “enable new customer experiences by asking and intelligently answering customer questions on both text and voice-driven platforms.” Steve Krauss, an Oracle vice president, said that “Other vendors don’t have a data cloud ... The more, and better, the signal in, the better the recommendations out.”

What does this mean? It means you are in luck, because bots can already be deployed.  They have been programmed to understand customers based on data collected through partnerships between huge enterprises with a vast number of customers. According to Oracle, the enterprise has $3 trillion in sales data and 7 billion monthly data inputs thanks to 1,500 data sources. Using Oracle’ s chatbots, you may be ahead by already knowing a lot about your customer.

Meanwhile HubSpot bought Motion AI: the tool that allows anyone to build a bot without even a line of code.  This tool is different because it helps you create every aspect of the flow, even the platforms deployment, be it Facebook, Slack, SMS, web, email. It is very popular especially when it comes to completing customer satisfaction surveys because it handles the basic infrastructure for deploying bots. You can even import artificial intelligence or natural language processing services.


This AI powered email marketing platform automates email conversations. When Conversica is done, your sales team moves in to close the sale. It is an assistant that reaches out to leads and engages them in a personable and responsive conversation. It improves marketing and sales because the first know every lead is followed up and engaged and the latter can focus just on selling.


This is a visual recognition solution that can consistently tag all user uploaded photos so that they are easily searchable. It suggests tags to users to help them categorize and curate user-generated content. The image recognition improves the digital asset management and enhances the user experience greatly.


We have tried to help out with the creation of  buyer personas before by suggesting what you should and shouldn’t do. But now Indico can create a buyer persona for you. It uses Persona Alignment API and predicts the alignment of a sample of text with every Myers Briggs personas. Yes, all 16 of them.  By constructing buyer personas, your marketing team will be even better at targeting user groups with custom content. It also provides APIs for sentiment analysis,person recognition, emotion detections, keywords extraction and other.


Albert provides autonomous digital marketing across all channels and requires little human input. It provides predictive analytics, machine-learning, natural language processing, control systems and feedback. You can use it to run paid and non paid digital marketing campaigns (email, social, mobile, search and display). Albert nevers stops learning and is constantly optimizing and analyzing. In this way, it helps your marketing team by leaving it free to focus on other more important issues (like what not to do on social media because AI has no problem with that).


This is a natural language generation platform which allows you to produce insightful and personalized content from data. Wordsmith can be used for content marketing and copywriting, automatically optimizing your content for search engines. It can also be used to generate product descriptions for websites, creating reports from data, communicating with customers on a very personalized level. Even the Associated Press uses Wordsmith so that raw earnings data is transformed into 4,400 corporate earnings stories every quarter, from which 300 get published.

Artificial intelligence is nothing new especially when it comes to marketing. AI powered solutions are available for digital campaigns, content creation, promoting and communicating with customers on a whole new level of personalization. However, if you are still looking for some human advice before the robots take over, drop us a line.