Everything you need to know about B2B storytelling

How to use storytelling to increase customer engagement through a clear message


What is B2B storytelling?

B2B storytelling is the use of words and narrative to illustrate new opportunities and business transformations in a reader's imagination. Storytelling is one of the most proven approaches to directly impact human memory and emotions. It can lead people to accept original ideas or encourage them to take action.

Have you ever felt that no matter how detailed data you offer, you just can't seem to reach your audience? Or that your clients don't understand you and don't relate to your brand? The answer to this problem is to invite customers into a story. Through story, you can deliver a clearer message to your customers to increase engagement and close deals more quickly.

Storytelling is a crucial part of the most successful marketing campaigns. It sets vibrant brands apart from simple businesses and creates loyal consumers from one-time shoppers. It's also the heart of inbound marketing.

Storytelling is an incredibly valuable tool for you to learn. That's why we've compiled this guide, to help you discover and understand the process behind B2B storytelling so you can stop delivering pitches that no one understands and start creating compelling stories that activate your prospects.

Clarifying your message helps your business in numerous ways:

  • Stories have a well-defined structure that aligns with your B2B customer journey.

  • Storytelling removes the need to push or hard sell to prospects.

  • Storytelling brings out the emotional side involved in B2B sales.

  • Storytelling lets prospects visualise how their life will look once they work with you.

How do I write a B2B story?

When it comes to storytelling in a B2B environment, you need to learn to create stories that invite your ideal customers into the narrative and illustrate to them how their life will be transformed.

The most important element when telling a B2B story is remembering that your prospect is the hero and NOT your company! Once you have that firmly in your mind find the problem they have and empathetically show how your products or services solve those. The final step is to remind them what failure to act could look like and how their business will be transformed if they follow your call to action.

There are four essential elements that every story needs:

  • Introduce your character

    Every story begins when we meet the main character, the hero, and discover what they want.

  • Find a problem that creates conflict

    The hero has many obstacles to overcome before they can find success, but what is that key problem you can help to solve? 

    Identify a problem

  • Give your hero a plan

    Now it is time for you to offer the solution to your hero's problem and become a trusted guide in the story.

    How to build a plan

  • Show what success looks like

    What will success look like if they finally get the thing they want? You must paint a clear vision of the future for your customer.

  • Step-by-step storytelling guidelines

    Now that you know the basics, you are ready for the complete step-by-step instructions on how to create your own B2B brand story.

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What is the best B2B storytelling framework?

Having established the key elements you need to build your story, what storytelling frameworks are there available to follow? Is there only one way how to build B2B story? What is the best framework for your B2B storytelling?

Over our years of working with stories, we have reviewed many frameworks. The best one for you will depend on your businesses brand voice and the type of product or service you are selling.

The best storytelling frameworks for B2B companies are outlined in our detailed storytelling frameworks guide. We introduce common storytelling frameworks such as Storybrand, the Pixar story framework,  the Hero's journey, and more.


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Great examples of B2B storytelling

When you're marketing a B2B brand, you're not just marketing to businesses: you're marketing to people. Decision-makers want to see brands taking the time to understand them as human beings, not work machines.

We don't leave our personalities behind when we get to the office, so why should the way we reach out to customers be irrelevant and boring? The most effective B2B companies already appreciate the value of storytelling, but many companies are still struggling to make it a core part of their strategy.

If you want to engage with your customers the way forward is using storytelling, these are some great examples of storytelling transforming the brands and bringing successful campaigns.


Download a template that shows you exactly how to create your story

By using a story-based approach to sales and marketing, you can create prospects that trust your company and understand the value you deliver, enabling you to increase your conversion rates and profits.

Stop wasting time and download the worksheet now.

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Start implementing storytelling into your B2B marketing strategy

B2B storytelling makes a brand real to its audience. If you want to engage with your customers the way forward is using storytelling, there are great examples of good storytelling transforming the brands and bringing successful campaigns. A good story lets customers know your brand and what it stands for. It connects your business and your consumers.  Storytelling is something that EVERY business should be using to clarify their message and get customers to engage.

To find out more about how you could use it in your own organization book a consultation with us and we will illustrate to you how it can work within your business. We will provide you a step-by-step plan to improve your brand story, so you can watch your conversion rates and profits increase as customers uncover your true value.

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