How to Design a Killer B2B Website

Stand out from the crowd with these best practices

This white paper has been prepared as a guide to creating a website specifically targeted at B2B visitors. It covers design, content creation, lead conversion, budgets and the supporting technologies you need to get started.

If you’re involved in digital marketing, you probably know that your website is your first impression, your all important first frame of reference for your clients and indeed the world. However, all too often websites are too similar and don’t fulfill a particular purpose that’s beneficial to the company.

Much like you wouldn’t wear shorts and flip-flops to an important client meeting, you wouldn’t want to create a website that speaks to consumers when you want to target businesses. After all, despite what your prom date tells you, first impressions count.

This white paper looks at the best practices for creating a website for B2B business. We cover multiple fronts such as planning, design, content, support, budgets and technology.

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