Personalised customer onboarding experience brings exceptional value to the business

Extending existing customer relationships
Opening sales opportunities
Increased customer interactivity

Connecting with customers requires a personalised experience 

No matter how extensive your customer base is, sometimes they just don't engage, and if you're not careful, they forget about your brand.

Establishing contact with new or existing clients is significantly more engaging when a personalised onboarding experience is introduced. 

re-engagement campaign

The challenge of up-sell and cross-sell 

OpenText are a recognised global leader in Enterprise Information Management, having over 50 thousand companies using their solutions. OpenText solutions help organisations to address their information management requirements, including the management of large volumes of content, business processes, and regulatory compliance.

"OpenText has had strong alliances with some of its strategic industry partners for almost two decades." said Jacqueline Saayman, Director of eMarketing and Programmes at OpenText. By partnering with leading ERP providers, for example, "As part of our joint reseller agreement, we receive regular royalty reports from our alliance partners. Historically, we did little with these other than use them to verify licenses.", said Saayman. " However, with close to 3000 companies purchasing OpenText software solutions through key partners, we realised that there was a significant revenue opportunity that was being left on the table.”

OpenText wanted to engage and establish a relationship with their joint customer base, ensure they were satisfied with the solutions they had purchased, and provide a way for them to up-sell and cross-sell additional products from their portfolio.

“Demodia has helped us to build some of our most innovative and successful global campaigns”

Jacky Saayman
Director of eMarketing and Programmes, OpenText

Engaging with existing customers 

To address the challenge of finding and connecting to prospects, OpenText initiated a telemarketing campaign that was designed to establish primary contact with each customer. On completion of the initial call, each customer was sent a personalised trackable email. This invited contacts to join a campaign website and become part of a reseller and OpenText community.

“Working together with Demodia we developed a nurturing programme and campaign consisting of online content, interactive tools, and traditional emails” continued Saayman. “We then used our own account development team to make personal calls.”

The second key component is the interactive campaign website – "Our personalised customer onboarding experience", as Saayman describes it. This offers visitors a variety of content assets, including white papers, customer stories, post-implementation support, demonstrations, and product documentation. One of the major strengths of this campaign is its highly personalised web experience. 

The success of the campaign was built upon two major components – a series of telemarketing activities and the flawless execution of the personalised customer onboarding website. Demodia used email, lead nurturing and online personalisation capabilities of Eloqua to deliver most of the core campaign components. Other crucial interactive elements, included integrated ROI and Benefits Calculators.

pipeline increase

Enhanced customer relationship and brand value

The campaign – from the initial telemarketing activities to the actual onboarding website. During the initial six months of operation, the campaign delivered OpenText with a pipeline measurable in the millions of dollars.

The campaign was also recognised by DemandGen Report and won a Killer Content Award for outstanding achievements in the design and execution of content marketing programmes.

The campaign was a worthy award winner, and with the well-executed demand generation and content marketing programmes, the campaign initiative has proved beneficial for both OpenText and its customers. "Demodia has helped us to build some of our most innovative and successful global campaigns", says Saayman. "In this project, we achieved some significant wins which have helped both advance OpenText's customer relationships and build on our brand values", she concluded.  

Services used by OpenText

campaign development4x

Marketing automation

Simplify and automate marketing processes while ensuring compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.


Integration and applications

Online assessments, ROI calculators and other custom-built web applications. Integration with third-party applications such as messaging, call-centre, invoicing and online events.

The process we went through with OpenText

We started with a problem

We reviewed OpenText's partner challenge and came up with a plan to connect with new customers.

We designed the programme 

We developed a nurturing programme and campaign consisting of online content, interactive tools, and traditional emails and interactive campaign website.

We create a million-dollar pipeline 

The personalised microsite and nurture programme delivered OpenText a pipeline measuring 6 million dollars within the first six months.


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