A B2B agency that understands enterprise sales

Effective campaigns that accelerate sales
Industry expertise and experience
Exceptional results,
unachievable internally

Finding a marketing agency that understands your business can seem impossible

Finding the right B2B digital marketing agency can be challenging at the best of times. But finding one that is also proficient in your particular niche, industry or business practice can be nearly impossible.

However, this is precisely what Global Cents found with Demodia.


How do we find an agency with B2B and enterprise software experience?

Global Cents works with businesses that must abide by strict governance rules and regulations. Their client base includes international pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and financial organisations that rely on OpenText Content Suite to manage their documentation and processes.
When targeting these large, international corporations, Global Cents needed a niche B2B marketing and nurturing approach delivered by a company with ample experience in using, working with and marketing enterprise software solutions.
“I’ve worked with agencies in previous roles", say Joe Stweart, VP of Sales at Global Cents. "It felt so much like a task-oriented relationship. I would have to develop the design, layout, details and more, and then the agency would just execute. Where's the value?”
“Demodia knows the industry, they understand its characteristics and they bring to bear their personal experience and expertise, having created these kinds of programmes for years.”

Joseph Stewart
Vice President of Sales, Global Cents

Demodia is an agency that understands your market

Demodia was highly familiar with the B2B enterprise software market that Global Cent operates within and was able to provide detailed recommendations based on experience working with similar clients.

“With Demodia I only need to give very-high level suggestions and discuss what I want to do. Then Demodia comes back with not just the finished product but additional ideas and programmes as well. They know the industry, they understand its characteristics, and they bring to bear their personal experience and expertise, having created these kinds of programmes for years.” 

Demodia’s close partnership with its clients is well known, and with Global Cents this is no different.

“It’s a tremendously valuable relationship that I have with Demodia”, says Joe, “It’s much more collaborative. Several times a year we talk through our business goals, and then week-by-week Demodia works with us to find the best approach to meet them.” 

“Demodia is staffed by people who have worked with and within OpenText and their partners, they have developed experience and skills in selling to the OpenText market that I don’t see anywhere else—that’s hugely valuable.”

Joseph Stewart
Vice President of Sales, Global Cents


The modern marketing transformation

With their deep knowledge of enterprise sales and modern digital marketing approaches Demodia created tailored programmes for Global Cents that engaged their partner channel, identified new leads and reduced the time to sale.

Their sales and marketing transformation included a complete rebranding, redevelopment of their website, implementation of HubSpot CRM to optimise their sales processes, creation of story-based messaging for their range of products, the introduction of marketing automation and creation of integrated marketing campaigns to engage their specific segment of the market. 

Joe was impressed with Demodia and the coaching and guidance they gave to Global Cents that other marketing agencies simply could not achieve. “Through their connections and wealth of knowledge, Demodia came up with the ideas, they sold the concept to OpenText, created graphics, and then physically delivered campaigns and webinars — I can’t identify another agency who has that depth of expertise within the information management industry”, says Joe. 

Services used by Global Cents


Marketing Automation

Simplify and automate marketing processes while ensuring compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.


Website Design

Create a website that is easy to manage, provides detailed analytics, and convert leads like a pro.

The process we went through with Global Cents

Start with an audit​​

We reviewed Global Cent's current sales and marketing material, challenges and goals.

Create a plan and implement changes

We presented Global Cents with a personalised plan for customer growth tailored to engage their market and sales model.

Regularly review progress and metrics

Partners and leads responded well to campaigns including highly targeted outreach and webinars.


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