A storytelling process that enables you to speak the right language

Open doors to leaders, not end-users
Reduced time-to-market for new products
Increase close rate and shorten sales cycle

Creating a clear message that doesn't confuse can be challenging

Anyone can create pretty web pages, gather clicks, and capture leads—but none of that means a thing if your prospects don’t understand exactly what your business does and how it helps them.

A clear explanation of your solutions, their use, and the business values they deliver are essential to creating any successful sales and marketing programme.

Our agency just doesn't understand our business

Fastman is a technology company specialising in solutions and services for OpenText Content Suite and SAP.  This is a complex niche market targeting very specific customers.
“We initially used a marketing company located near our office to assist us, but we found the working relationship difficult,” says Alister Grigg, Managing Director for Fastman. “They couldn’t get a grasp on our product or the market it was intended for.” Fastman’s industry specialism—the very thing that garnered their success—prevented them from finding a marketing agency that could help them articulate their value.
“Demodia offers a relationship that we couldn’t get from anyone else as well as the network of industry experts it brings to the table.”

Alister Grigg
Managing Director, Fastman


From storytelling to complete outsourced marketing

Demodia started by reviewing and updating Fastman's datasheets and collateral whilst working on other small projects, but soon became an integral part of Fastman’s business process. “It’s a huge advantage that Demodia can work directly with our product and technical team at a fundamental level,” says Alister. “There are times they work just as close with certain members of our team as I do.”

Demodia took the time to uncover Fastman’s product value propositions. For each of their solutions, Demodia worked in partnership with Fastman to understand their audience, its needs, and aspirations in detail. Demodia uncovered the core challenges they faced, which competitors offered similar solutions, what made Fastman unique from them, and ultimately the tangible benefits that Fastman could provide. These individual pieces were then brought together into an engaging story that prospects would understand.

“Demodia offers a relationship that we couldn’t get from anyone else. They work with a lot of players in our niche industry, and the fundamental knowledge they possess is something really hard to replicate from any other company,” says Alister. “They work autonomously, we don’t have to get involved, and they produce everything with little to no guidance. That is why we’ve been working with Demodia since 2013.” 

“Demodia’s ability to just understand what we do and work autonomously is a huge advantage. They know our market and they know how to best showcase our unique values.”

Alister Grigg
Managing Director, Fastman

Having the right story makes a big difference

Demodia’s work identifying key audiences, their needs, and challenges, then turning this into a concise and engaging story enabled Fastman to retrain their sales teams and got decision-makers' attention.

The sales team began using the messages and language that resonated with business leaders and heads of departments, letting them close deals faster and with less back-and-forth. 

“Demodia’s ability to just understand what we do and work autonomously has been a huge advantage. They took the time to get to know our product and knew how to position it within our market,” says Alister. “They work as an integrated part of our team.”


“We happily refer Demodia to others in our industry and beyond.”

Alister Grigg
Managing Director, Fastman

Services used by Fastman

content creation

Content authoring & layout

Blog posts, marketing material and web page content that tell your story and activate visitors.


Brand script

A brand script that outlines that transformational journey your customers will undertake.

The process we went through with Fastman

Uncover true customer values​​

Ran several workshops to review and understand customer challenges and define a value proposition.

Use our messaging framework to create a story

We used our tested blueprint to create messages that conveyed Fastman's business values in a relatable story. 

Story is used throughout their business

Fastman now uses story throughout its business to train salespeople, structure webinars and hold conversations with business leaders.


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