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Changing a digital marketing approach can be daunting but necessary 

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving medium. With the advent of marketing automation, the updated approaches to content marketing and social media, as well as ever-foreboding regulations such as the GDPR, many companies don't know where to begin. 

An up-to-date marketing approach and defined processes are the only way forward if you want to increase your customer engagement and make your sales processes more effective.


Leads were getting lost in the sales funnel

Founded in 1996, EXTEDO has a simple vision: to help life sciences and pharmaceutical organisations ensure effortless compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Over the years, EXTEDO has become one of the leading names in the field of Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and is the only vendor that provides solutions covering the entire regulatory landscape.

However, despite this impressive pedigree, EXTEDO was operating with very basic and outdated marketing techniques. Their website was old-fashioned; it hadn’t kept up-to-date with the latest design and SEO practices, and the user journey and messaging was unclear. This resulted in leads being throughout the sales funnel. EXTEDO knew their marketing approach was outdated, so they turned to Demodia for help.

“We had to change our entire website and marketing approach, but of course, we also had to do it carefully as our industry is very conservative, and we could not be too modern or stylish”, said Christian Bohrmann, Vice President of Global Marketing and Alliances.

EXTEDO was focused on traditional yet outdated outbound marketing, relying on trade shows, events and regular email blasts in isolation to acquire new leads and customers. When Christian was faced with these challenges, he knew he had to tackle them head-on; completely remodelling their marketing strategy and brand before the company could grow.

“We had two options,” explained Christian, “We could hire a large amount of additional staff and train them up, or we could find a partner that was willing to work with us. Either way, something had to change.”

'We always had the challenge of an agency not understanding our needs and what we do. It was always tough to help them understand... But Demodia could, and was willing to work with us.'

Christian Bohrmann
VP Global Marketing, EXTEDO

Creating the right digital marketing approach 

Starting from the ground up, Demodia began by building a new website that highlighted each of EXTEDO’s impressive offerings. They planned unique user journeys and lead nurturing programmes to support each key business area. Under the hood, Demodia advised on the latest SEO techniques to build up EXTEDO’s search engine rank and its online presence.

EXTEDO’s marketing team consisted of four members that were responsible for maintaining, growing and improving their marketing model across three different continents.

“I wanted change,” says Christian“and we definitely didn’t have the right team to accomplish this change.” 

With such a gargantuan task ahead of them, they needed to seek a marketing partner to assist and execute their requirements.

When it came to developing brand new marketing campaigns, Demodia switched from EXTEDO’s outdated outbound marketing to an inbound approach using HubSpot, including dynamic webpages, engaging content, and looking forward–marketing automation.

“Our marketing was very basic and focused on the technical features and functions. Demodia helped us move to more value-oriented messaging that our customers could relate to,” Christian agreed.

'Demodia’s creativity, reliability, their knowledge of digital marketing, and their flexibility is outstanding. Their willingness to collaborate made it clear that they were the right choice.'

Christian Bohrmann
VP Global Marketing, EXTEDO

leads increase

Positive customer feedback

Christian saw feedback from his customers and partners immediately. Prospective leads responded well to the rebrand and were flowing through the sales funnel thanks to the digital marketing strategy that Demodia had implemented. In addition to this, Christian could monitor further reactions to his new strategy through the analytics and data the new website provided.

“Before, we couldn’t measure anything. Now, we’re measuring our lead value, our conversion rates, and our campaign performance. Now we can allocate our marketing budget in a much more efficient way; we can see what works and what doesn’t,” says Christian.

Today, EXTEDO continues to work with Demodia on story-based messaging, digital marketing strategies and tactics to help overcome challenges such as the GDPR.

“We don’t tell them exactly what we need, we tell them what we think, what we want to do, and what our goals are, and together we come up with a solution,” concludes Christian. “It’s about the ideas they bring to the table. The new information and the know-how Demodia shares from a strategic, technical and creative perspective is what makes them an invaluable partner for us.

'The new information and the know-how that Demodia shares from a strategic, technical and creative perspective is what makes them an invaluable partner for us.'

Christian Bohrmann
VP Global Marketing, EXTEDO

Services used by EXTEDO

global marketing

Digital Strategy

We take you on a journey from zero to inbound marketing hero. HubSpot setup, technical and best practice training.



See huge returns through your customer acquisition rate, brand reputation and website traffic.


Website Design

Create a website that is easy to manage, provides detailed analytics, and convert leads like a pro.

The process we went through with EXTEDO

We started with an audit​​

We reviewed EXTEDO's current sales and marketing material, challenges and goals.

We provided and implemented a plan

We presented EXTEDO with a personalised plan for continual customer growth, including a switch from an outbound to an inbound marketing strategy.

We reviewed progress and increased leads

Prospective leads responded well to the rebrand and were flowing through the sales funnel thanks to the new digital marketing strategy.


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