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Our demand generation consulting evaluates the effectiveness of your existing sales and marketing processes and generate awareness of your offerings within your target prospect base.

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What is a Demand Generation?

So, what exactly is demand generation? In a nutshell, demand generation involves the use of targeted marketing programmes, designed to drive awareness and interest in your products and services. Demand generation programs will enable your organisation to reach new markets, promote new product features, build consumer buzz and re-engage existing customers.

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Customer Journey Mapping

How do buyers get from one step of your marketing or sales programme to the next? The customer journey is the process that your prospects go through from general awareness, to consideration and on to a decision. Understanding these stages and guiding them through the process is key to the success of every marketing campaign. We will help you map out the stages and plan and engagement strategy from first touch to the closing signature, and beyond.

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Audience & buyer persona development Buying stage analysis Content mapping Lead nurturing programmes
Content audits and mapping Content planning Content formats and types SEO and keyword review

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the food of any modern digital marketing strategy. Modern buyers no longer want calls from sales reps, they research and look for content that interests and educates them. They want something that will help them make informed decisions and do their job better. Working together we will define a content strategy for your business that engages and educates your prospects.

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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Using multiple channels to establish a dialogue and nurture new leads with a consistent message, that’s the purpose of integrated marketing campaigns. At Demodia, we design, develop and deliver award winning integrated campaigns for leading organisations around the world.

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Build buyer personas Engage and nurture your target audience PPC and re-targetting Lead capture and scoring
Content audits and mapping Content planning Content formats and types SEO and keyword review

What is the Difference between Demand Generation and Lead Generation?

Lead generation and demand generation often seem to be terms that are used interchangeably, but in reality they are two very different beasts. While lead generation is the process of getting visitors to complete registration forms, demand generation is focused on shaping perception and creating awareness about your offerings.

Still not sure? Don’t worry. We will help you understand what combination of demand generation or lead generation you need to achieve you desired results. With extensive experience developing digital marketing strategies, crafting effective value propositions and authoring captivating content, our consultants provide you with processes and knowledge to improve your lead generation and demand generation efforts.

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