Demodia: 10 years of inbound marketing excellence

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Join us as we take a look at some of the highlights of Demodia’s journey to become the number one Swiss marketing automation consultancy and why you should trust us to take your marketing to the next level.

Demodia: 10 Years of Inbound Marketing Excellence

Demodia is celebrating our 10th anniversary of providing top-tier inbound marketing and marketing automation consultancy and services to our clients locally in Switzerland and around the world. We'd like to take this opportunity to take a step back on our journey and thank you, our clients, for helping us achieve so much within a decade.

Join us as we take a look at some of the highlights of Demodia’s journey to become the number one Swiss marketing automation consultancy and why you should trust us to take your marketing to the next level. Here's to looking towards the futurewith Demodia, and you.

Welcome to Demodia’s story.

Founded on the dawn of content marketing and automation

Since inception, Demodia has become a unique marketing consultancy designed to support the needs of small and large businesses alike. We help them to transition from traditional marketing into the world of marketing automation and digital marketing.

Founded by its Managing Director, Simon Harvey, Demodia began as a small marketing consultancy based in St. Gallen, Switzerland just south of Lake Constance. Having just left a role as marketing director with OpenText, an international enterprise software company, Simon saw the potential of marketing automation and content marketinga relatively new concept in digital marketing at the timeand wanted to bring it to other businesses.

Taking his knowledge of traditional and digital marketing, Simon sought to create a consultancy that would help not only the big players in business, but also the smaller and mid-sized companies to reach a global audience.

“Marketing automation gives smaller companies the power to compete with the big boys, no matter which industry. In the right hands, a single user can become a legion of digital marketers. That's what I wanted to show the world, that you don't have to have decades of experience or some kind of insider knowledge to compete with companies triple your size—and that's a beautiful thing,” says Simon.

Demodia was founded in July 2009 at its headquarters in Switzerland, and expanded to the UK in 2013. It quickly grew a dedicated client-base through its specialisation in inbound marketing and deep knowledge of marketing automationwhich little to no other Swiss digital marketing agency offered at the time.

A Swiss marketing automation specialist

With prior marketing automation experience, Demodia began offering their expertise in automation. In 2010, Demodia was at the forefront of offering consultation services in Eloqua, as a premier marketing automation platform, and quickly became an Eloqua solution providerone of the few in Switzerland. A year later, Demodia was officially recognised as a Pardot agency partner, offering the platform to growing enterprises.

Since then, Demodia has solidified their position as the go-to Swiss-based digital marketing automation consultancy, expanding their expertise and knowledge in other automation platforms like ClickDimensions, SharpSpring, Act-On and more.

“Not every platform is for every client! In the past, many marketing hopefuls would get sucked into the wrong technology by enthusiastic sales guys—and because of a lack of general marketing automation knowledge, they didn't know any better. We wanted to break that tradition and offer our clients more than just a one-way road.”

Most recently in May 2019, Demodia became an official HubSpot inbound marketing consultancy with exclusive access to HubSpot resources, support and insighta rare accomplishment for any Swiss digital marketing consultancy.

With these achievements and experience, Demodia is one of the few, if not the only, digital marketing consultancies, that boast such extensive experience and knowledge of the emerging marketing technologies in Switzerland. By offering this powerful technology to large, as well as small businesses, Demodia is proud to level the playing field and guide businesses with traditional marketing approaches into the future.

An agile consultancy for large and small

Unlike larger agencies, Demodia has purposely remained compact in order to stay agile and intimate to their client’s needs. Demodia is a consultancy that takes the time to understand their client’s needs and execute quickly and with agility, using their own business and technology expertise to build businesses and increase revenue.

“We form connections with our clients, and we show them a better way to market their products. It doesn't matter if they're a Forbes 500 company or a small start-up, we're in it for the long haul,” says Simon.

Demodia forms a partnership with clients, they offer guidance and advicea focus of the consultancy right from the beginning. As Demodia continues to offer their services into the future, they aim to assist and guide businesses through the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing and automation.

“So many companies come to us wanting to know how to transition from offline and traditional marketing towards something more modern and effective. We're happy to show them a better way to reach their audience without burning a hole in their pocket.”

As one of the only dedicated marketing automation consultancies in Switzerland, Demodia has positioned itself to become the authoritative expert in the country within the past decadeso where to from here?

As a company, Demodia has always strived to stay ahead of the curve and on the edge of the latest in digital marketing and automation technologies. We have come far in helping our clients become accustomed to the digital marketing age and everything it has to offer them, from productivity to convenienceand through it all, we have you, our client, to thank.

We look forward to taking you with us on our journey into the next decade, into a new era of the next generation of inbound marketing excellence.

Simon Harvey, Managing Director