Using marketing automation to drive traffic

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Marketing automation helps you grow your online traffic, and it's a necessity for a successful marketing strategy.


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Hard work has gone into creating and adopting an efficient marketing strategy for your brand. Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your website, but something is missing - the visitors. You have your landing pages ready to go, but you’re not exactly pleased with the amount of traffic that’s been recorded for your website. What do you do now?

One answer to this dilemma is marketing automation. Marketing automation helps target specific audiences, as well as help you grow your online traffic. It’s no longer just a time-saver, but something of a necessity in the overall plan for a successful marketing strategy.

So how do you implement marketing automation to deliver the most significant effect on your website? Read on to find some useful information on these questions, as well as how you can create the best environment for growth in your business using this strategy.

Five ways to use marketing automation to drive traffic

There are a few ways in which you can use marketing automation to drive traffic to your website. The important thing to remember with each of these methods, however, is that choosing the right platform and selecting specific goals will launch your marketing strategy ahead of the competition. Making sure that you have a path forward with incorporating marketing automation means that you will easily identify where you can improve and what you can optimise for a better result.

Personalised Email

Emails have shown to be incredibly effective in driving traffic. However, it’s not as simple as sending out emails in the hope that one will relate to your audience. There is a little more nuance to ensuring that your emails are actually opened and drive traffic to your website.

For starters, it’s essential to personalise your emails, including little touches like addressing the recipient by name and prioritising the subject line. Marketing automation can include these details as well as the actions your recipient has taken on your website, your social media pages or any other channel you can track.

Personalisation will make the world of difference to the use of email in your strategy. Pay attention to the little details, and your customers will be more likely to respond to your emails and click through to your website.

Inspiring, relevant content

Changing the content you offer to specific leads, and prospective customers can have a significant impact on whether they visit your website or pass it on for something more interesting. The key is to make your content relative to your audience, informative to their needs and attractive to their tastes. The catch, of course, is that everyone is different. However, with marketing automation, you can change what content you have on offer to match each customer or lead.

Not only does relative, informative and exciting content attract an audience, it also allows room for growth in that audience while keeping them interested in your website. This content can be promoted through email drip campaigns and newsletters which inform your customers of new content that you add to your site.

Landing pages

If what your audience sees on the other end of their click isn’t engaging or user friendly, it’s likely that your entire strategy for increasing traffic will fall flat. Automation tools make this process easier to navigate and create ideal spaces for your audience to navigate once they’ve decided to visit your site.

There are a few small ways in which you could optimise your landing page through automation. This could include a messenger window and small pop-ups which allow visitors to interact with your company directly. You could also change the content on offer, fill in a few details on the landing page forms ahead of their visit, or even personalise the style of landing page to their tastes. With marketing automation, you’re only limited by the information you have and how you decide to apply it.

Using social media

Social media gives you more scope for platforms to contact your consumers directly. Like email marketing, you can use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to connect with a potential audience. There are also a few useful social media automation tools which specifically help with setting up your marketing campaign on various social media platforms.

Many of these tools integrate with other automation applications to create a truly seamless customer experience across all of your channels. This seamless experience enables you to guide and direct your customers to where you want them to go, and what you want them to do.

In conclusion

Marketing automation is the future of effective sales production and driving traffic to your site. Besides the myriad of ways you can build meaningful connections with your customers, it can allow manual processes to be done better and faster. It is imperative to note that marketing automation is an ongoing process, and as such will always require some care and attention. The results, however, will be worth it for your marketing endeavours and growth of your brand.

If you would like to implement your marketing automation strategy, you may need some help and support along the way. Demodia is an automation consultancy that has assisted enterprises from around the world with their marketing automation needs. No matter your industry, style or target market, you too can find success with marketing automation.

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