Key takeaways from the latest company acquisitions

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Just 3 months into the new year and some of the biggest enterprises have acquired several small & mid-sized companies to help support their business goals.

Key Takeaways From the Latest Company Acquisitions

As we recently predicted, 2014 will be a big year for acquisitions and mergers. Just three months into the new year and some of the biggest enterprises out there have already acquired several small and middle-sized companies to help them support their business goals.

In this article we will identify the most important mergers and acquisitions so far, pull out trends and patterns to help you understand who is buying what companies, and why.


Enterprise Marketing Suite Needs Big Data:
Oracle's Buys Big Data Management Platform BlueKai

This February, Oracle announced the acquisition of data management platform BlueKai for an estimated $350 million, to add to its enterprise marketing suite.

This acquisition is the latest in a series of big purchases that Oracle has made recently. In 2012, it acquired Eloqua, a marketing automation firm, and in 2013, Oracle bought cross-channel marketer Responsys.

The Power of A.I. & Big Data:
LinkedIn Acquires Bright for $120 million

Bright applies algorithms to "unlock the power of artificial intelligence and big data" to connect its 7 million users. Both employers and prospective employees use Bright which matches the most suitable candidates to a specific job opportunity on its database of over 2.5 million vacancies.

LinkedIn is planning to use Bright's technology to improve the relevance of the suggestions it makes to its multi-million user database to make the recruitment process more efficient. This acquisition will enable LinkedIn to fulfill its aim to expand its remit and offer an employment directory.

Key Takeaway

This deal shows how artificial intelligence and big data are being implemented throughout the marketplace to enhance a user's every day experience. LinkedIn has an ambitious plan to reach out to the entire global workforce, a vision Bright shared as it wanted its technology to be used throughout the global economy.

Cloud Solutions For Enterprises:
Alternative Networks Pays ?39.4 million To Acquire Control Circle

With cloud-based solutions becoming the preferred method of storage, businesses need to be able to offer these solutions to their clients. It comes to no surprise that Alternative Networks - UK's leading provider of IT solutions - acquired Control Circle, a company that provides complex hosting, cloud and datacentre services to enterprises and online businesses.

With this acquisition, Alternative Networks will be able to provide a full range of data and IT solutions to their customers - from cloud based services and hosting to datacentre virtualisation and application management.

Key Takeaway

The management and storage of content collateral for enterprises and online businesses is becoming ever so challenging. The need for cloud-based storage solutions is increasing and companies that offer IT and storage services are looking to expand to the cloud-based solutions market.

The Day the Tech Industry Stood Still:
Facebook's $19 Billion Acquisition

Facebook made history with the most expensive acquisition in the tech industry - they bough the popular mobile chat app for 19 billion dollars!

WhatsApp has more than 450 million regular users - usergroup they were able to build for only 5 years. With the expansion of their reach among users, WhatsApp has been eroding the SMS market and revenue for traditional telecoms.

Facebook is constantly adapting its technology to meet the needs of its almost 1 billion users and their growing reliance on mobile devices. With this acquisition it also enhances its global market position at a time when new users are beginning to rapidly sign in through mobile devices.

Key Takeaway

The increased usage of mobile devices has a significant impact on the way people communicate and consume information. Company like Facebook, that focuses on constantly improving the communication and social sharing experience, made an expensive, but smart move by acquiring the world's most used message app.

Cloud-based Solutions For Europe:
Accenture Acquires ClientHouse

Accenture is a multinational management consulting and technology services outsourcing company, based in Dublin, Ireland. ClientHouse, on the other hand, offers a range of Salesforce’s software products, which enables businesses to utilize a variety of channels to contact potential customers.

Key Takeaway

With this acquisition, Accenture will be able to market and sell cloud software solutions on the European market. This recent acquisition demonstrates the growing demand for the provision of cloud-based Software as a Service.