The 5 best strategies for selling successfully in difficult times

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If you reduce or stop your marketing, you are effectively telling your customers that you are no longer in business


Avoid drastic cuts to your marketing budget now. If you reduce or stop your marketing, you are effectively telling your customers that you are no longer in business. Instead, how about looking for ways to make your marketing more efficient.

1. Understand your customer's problem

When budgets are cut, companies go into crisis mode. This means that budgets are only allocated for the most pressing problems. Identify these problems, talk about them all the time, and offer solutions for them to your customers.

2. Maintain contact with your customers through intelligent content marketing

Especially when fewer contracts are being awarded, it is important that you are one of the winners in this tougher competition. Therefore, show that you are there for your customers and regularly offer content that adds value - and helps them solve the problems you identified in #1. This will keep you in mind and increase the likelihood of being considered for the next assignment. 

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3. Analyse whether your existing customers are receptive to up-selling or cross-selling

Think carefully about which of your client's problems you can solve with a higher-value product and when it would make more sense to buy complementary services. Decide which strategy will add more value for your customer. A combination of up-selling and cross-selling may be the best solution. 

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4. Offer strategies/coaching to enable your client to perform services themselves

Focus on increasing your client's efficiency and productivity. In tough economic times, your clients need to do the same, but with less. This often means finding ways to get the best out of their staff. Help your client with this task. 

5. Automation can save resources

Automation saves time and eliminates repetitive workflows. Minimising manual effort frees up staff and can save costs. Show your customers why now is the right time to invest in automation. 

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