How HubSpot can help you innovate your digital marketing

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Renew your digital marketing approach with advanced tools and analytics on HubSpot


It’s Easter again - a time for renewed perspectives, fresh approaches, and rejuvenation. Many marketers are re-evaluating their digital marketing approaches, so you may consider what you could be doing differently moving ahead. Without innovation, you risk falling behind other businesses that constantly update and upgrade their marketing approaches.

One of the best tools you can have at your disposal is HubSpot. It enables you to completely renew your digital marketing approach with advanced tools and analytics. Let’s look at how HubSpot can help you innovate your digital marketing in five major ways.

Customer nurturing

From: Personally figuring out potential customer needs and expectations.

To: Having all customer information ready before communicating to them in person.

HubSpot has changed the way we nurture customers. In the past, you would often go into customer meetings blind, with little to no information on them. The sales team would have to nurture leads and drive towards a sale personally.

With HubSpot, only leads who are ready to be converted are presented to the sales team. With information on each lead readily available and their maturity level, HubSpot has completely transformed customer nurturing.

Email marketing

From: Sending generalised emails and newsletters, appealing to the lowest common denominator. 

To: Sending highly personalised and relevant emails based on in-depth customer insights.

Email marketing has come a long way from the days of sending out "email blasts" to thousands of recipients. Marketers without the resources or tools would generalise their emails and offers to attract the majority of their readers. Unfortunately, many people fall into various groups with specific interests, which means that this approach alienates a large chunk of readers.

HubSpot enables you to avoid generalised email blasts by giving you the tools and insights to help you create highly personalised communications. With HubSpot, you can understand what drives each lead, what products or solutions they are most interested in, and what they already know about your business. You can then automatically include such information in your emails for highly effective email marketing to each reader.

Website design 

From: Relying on agencies, web designers, and developers to build web pages.

To: Giving anyone the power to build or change web pages

Building a website was often left to highly specialised teams of individuals. You needed to understand coding, web design, and HTML to get anywhere with the available options. Today, with solutions like WordPress, this is far easier - however, for truly unique and customised websites, many marketers still use developers and web designers to get it right.

With HubSpot, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past. HubSpot’s drag-and-drop tools enable anyone with basic computer knowledge to create an attractive-looking web page within minutes. The best part? No coding, no designers, and no specialised knowledge required.

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Social media

From: Using social media as a disconnected marketing channel.

To: Using social media as part of a connected, omnichannel marketing approach.

Social media marketing has become a focal point for digital marketers since the dawn of Facebook. While it’s an excellent channel to attract leads, it usually requires much attention, with constant updates and content required. Additionally, most of your leads from social media would be disconnected from the rest of your marketing, treating them as new arrivals to your marketing.

HubSpot connects each lead you get - even from social media. It adds to and completes the customer journey to understand what your customers have experienced thus far fully. This helps you create more effective and personal communications for each one. Additionally, HubSpot lets you schedule social posts for publication in the future, letting you save time and attention for other tasks.

Search Engine Optimisation

From: A confusing and complicated process requiring professional attention.

To: An automated, easy process with insightful suggestions and active monitoring.

SEO is essential for any website. It helps you get found by potential customers and optimises your website for a better user experience. In the past, SEO would require meticulous attention to detail and an analytical mind to determine what Search Engines saw as important. The amount of time, tools, and technology required for SEO left it in the hands of larger businesses that could afford teams to manage it.

HubSpot manages the most important elements of SEO for you, with automated suggestions and monitoring of content. HubSpot shows you where to use your keywords, how to climb the ranks of search pages, and where you may be falling short for SEO. With this information, you can update your content by following HubSpot’s automated guidance and tools.


Step into a new era of digital marketing

It’s time for a fresh look at your digital marketing. With HubSpot you can transform your marketing and give it new life. However, you may feel like you need some more guidance to get the most out of this revolutionary tool.

With so many possibilities, HubSpot can be mind-boggling for beginners. This has led many companies to end up with an expensive email platform that doesn’t return its investment. The key is aligning your tools, processes, and entire team towards the goal of converting new customers. This is why we adopted the HubSpot CRM platform ourselves, which allows us to engage prospects and customers at any stage of the journey seamlessly. As a HubSpot Gold Partner and one of Europe's leading HubSpot inbound agency partners, we can help you do this too. 

Contact us for a quick 30 minute meeting and we can present you with a personalised plan for converting more customers efficiently.