How much does a website cost?

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Options, costs, and reasons you should invest


Your website is important. It’s the digital storefront of your business. However, not every company has a website that works for them. You want a website that not only looks, feels and promotes your brand but also functions as a lead generation tool. Without both elements, you risk spending vast amounts of money on a website that doesn’t pay off. The challenge is that websites take time, resources and experience - much of which that you may not have access to.

We understand that businesses can’t be expected to be experts in every field. Sometimes, it pays off to hire professionals to take care of this critical element to your digital marketing efforts - but your budget is likely limited. This is why we’ve created this blog to highlight what you can expect to pay for the various elements and services of website design.

But how much does investing in this cost?  

Running a website efficiently 

In the past, building a website could be costly and resource-intensive. Now, website development and upkeep is far cheaper and more accessible. There are a few different ways in which you could build your website. 

You could use a website builder, use a pre-established content management system like WordPress, or you could hire a designer. Each route has different pros and cons, and what you choose will affect what you can do and how much it will cost. If you choose a website builder, you could look at spending $6 a month. With WordPress, you could look at expenditures between $11 and $50. Hiring a professional is by far the most expensive, with an upfront payment of up to $10,000 being a possibility. 

As mentioned, each option will give you different points of access and cost: 

Website builder 

More specifically, a website builder can offer a monthly subscription and access to applications. This could cost anything between $6 - $50. The monthly subscription usually covers hosting, security, free themes, and other built-in features. Website builders are best for technical novices, anyone who needs a website up sooner rather than later, and personal portfolios. 

You can start out with a free plan as a trial run, but at some point it will be necessary to go for a paid plan to fully access all the things you will need for an effective website. An example of a website builder is Wix

Content management system

WordPress is the most common option for a content management system. WordPress is essentially free, which means you don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription. The cost comes in when you pay for the individual aspects of a website - premium themes, hosting, security, etc. All of these are available, but it means the cost is a little difficult to pin down exactly. The most essential cost is hosting - which can cost $20 a month with services like Bluehost. Beyond this, the cost is up to you and what you want to use to build your ideal website.

Content management systems are ideal for those who are a little more technically confident and who want more control over customisation - blogs, business websites, and large websites are some examples. 

Hiring a professional 

This kind of contract is more malleable - as you will draw up what you need from the designer. This could cost anywhere between $5000 and $30,000 upfront, depending on those needs. 

Hiring a designer is an option for those who are looking for a complex website, have no time or technical confidence, and have a big budget with a vision for a very specific kind of site. Questions you might want to ask before hiring a professional include: How complex do I want my website to be?, What do I want them to handle in terms of hosting, security etc?, and What kind of features do I need? 


A future necessity

Website building and maintenance can be daunting - but as we see here, there are many options for different needs. As such, using this opportunity to build an online presence that connects with current and future consumers is essential for the future success of your business. The anxiety eases with the options - you don’t have to break your budget for a verifiable and functional online presence. 

Invest in your online success

Your website plays an essential role in driving new leads, but in order to be successful it needs to be designed for this purpose. Your site needs to be seen as a core business tool. However, not having enough time or knowledge to build and maintain a lead generating website shouldn’t stand in the way of achieving this goal. We understand that finding the right developer is a frustrating and time-consuming process, which is why we give you everything you need to build a high performing website - developers included. 

If you’re interested in how we’ve designed, developed and maintained high-performing websites for dozens of B2B clients worldwide for the past 12 years, you’re just one step away from finding out. Start with taking our free website audit. We’ll optimise your website and you can watch as your search rankings, traffic and online leads increase.

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