Engage with your prospects

Your current contact database is a goldmine. By focusing on the leads you already have, you have the potential to apply the kind of strategies that will help you stay in front of your prospects and effectively engage with them throughout the entire sales cycle.

This is the process of lead nurturing - getting more leads to Sales by employing the kind of techniques that will help you produce more revenue without the need to acquire new contacts.

In this guide, we look at the key elements of winning lead nurturing programmes, including:

  • The stages of the buying decision
  • Types of nurturing campaigns
  • Examination of example nurtures from leading companies
  • Calculating your campaign ROI

By developing, deploying, managing and measuring programs that target specific audiences, CMOs achieve revenue growth by developing effective offers and working with the right audiences within the sales funnel to increase closing rates, speeding up sales cycle activities, and increasing retention and brand reputation.

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