Swiss digital marketing consultancy reviews

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Which is the best Swiss Digital Marketing Agency for you?


Digital marketing is an essential element to running a successful, modern enterprise. However, finding the right digital marketing agency to help you plan and execute your strategy can be difficult. Selecting the wrong agency could cause a disconnect between your brand and your audience, hurting your customer base and loyalty. 

In Switzerland, there are many great digital marketing agencies to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll outline what each offers and help you find the best fit for your organisation. 



Atedo represents a team of highly qualified marketing and communications experts that possess both technical and personal skills. They put emphasis on the symbiotic relationship between creativity and strategy development, and use a combination of agile methodologies with design thinking techniques.


While digital marketing is a service Atedo offers, they truly excel at creative implementation and strategic design. This is reflected through their business offerings, spanning a range of communicative and strategic services.

  • Positioning

  • Business model innovation

  • Naming and branding

  • Communication design

  • User experience design

Bee Digital


BEE Digital focuses its offerings around its namesake - to Boost, Expand and Exceed. They are a HubSpot partner that combines strategy, execution, data intelligence and people in a ‘transformance’ model optimised around digital transformation that garners results. 


BEE Marketing’s core focus is on digital marketing, sales enablement, and business development through digital tools and approaches.

  • Digital marketing
  • Sales enablement
  • Business development
  • Digital transformation

Chili Digital


Chili Digital’s specialists combine know-how about marketing, programming, design, journalism and much more for their customer’s success. Their multidisciplinary approach promotes out-of-the-box thinking that can help their customers build a 360 degree customer experience.


Chili Digital specialises in marketing for specific industries such as tech, industry, tourism, healthcare, business services and construction. For these industries in particular, they offer digital business solutions, digital marketing and publishing.

  • Software development
  • Web design
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile applications
  • Hosting
  • Corporate publishing
  • Media relations
  • Digital marketing



As a small Swiss-based business itself, Demodia understands that budgets are not unlimited, every online interaction is valuable. They go to great lengths to ensure the frustration and confusion often associated with digital marketing is put to rest. With marketing automation, content marketing and a holistic approach to inbound, Demodia has successfully taken companies from being unsure of how to use digital marketing, to effortlessly implementing online campaigns and seeing value with every digital interaction.


Demodia takes a partnership approach with their customers, offering guidance and advice as well as implementation if needed. They have a heavy focus on storytelling with empathy, infusing content that relates to customer-specific pain points, aspirations and enablement. Their ultimate goal is to help companies understand digital marketing to be able to implement it themselves in the future should they wish to.

  • Storytelling and messaging

  • Sales and marketing consulting, mentoring, and education

  • B2B digital marketing

  • HubSpot CMS design and development

  • Marketing automation operations (HubSpot and Salesforce)

  • Digital campaign planning and development



Founded in 2008, Enigma focuses on grouping marketing and technology specialists for projects to offer a unique blend of strategy, marketing, design and digital. By combining the distinct disciplines of each element, they aim to provide expert service and advice based on your needs as a business.


Engima offers a wide range of highly specialised services for their clients. While they don’t offer a holistic approach to digital marketing in general, their services provide extensive support in individual categories.

  • Messaging and communication

  • Branding

  • Website development

  • Digital campaigns

  • Programmatic advertising

  • Marketing as a service

Media Bros


Media Bros focuses on helping their clients achieve measurable, sustainable success through a flexible and on-demand service. They assign 2-3 dedicated consultants to each project and put honesty, transparency and customer satisfaction as primary benchmarks for their operations. Furthermore, Media Bros has extensive experience with automated reporting, live campaigns and marketing automation.


Media Bros offers online media specialists with certified experience for each customer. These specialists are all-rounders, often able to achieve most business objectives and respond with flexibility to everyday marketing challenges.

  • Programmatic advertising

  • Website design

  • Display and online advertising

  • Paid media

  • Consulting and coaching

  • Re-engineering marketing and sales

  • Marketing automation



Nextage is a HubSpot Partner who focuses on implementing HubSpot for their clients and helping them use the platform to its full potential. They champion HubSpot’s ability to streamline, automate and simplify sales and marketing. Nextage’s ultimate goal is to help their customers generate more qualified leads, help detail customer objectives, and create personalised customer communications.


Nextage assists companies towards digital transformation in an effort to accelerate sales processes, lead generation and customer service. They rely on HubSpot to achieve these ambitions.

  • CRM

  • Digital marketing

  • Sales promotion

  • Inbound marketing

  • Sales

  • Customer service

W4 Marketing


W4 has a unique approach to digital marketing services. They primarily work in sprints that are rolled out over their entire team, synchronised to the same goal across marketing, content, design, and development. Customers purchase tickets for the next sprint focused around a singular goal. Each sprint has a fixed duration that is never extended and allows no changes that affect that goal.

While this approach may be rigid for some companies, it creates predictability and results within a specific timeframe, making it ideal for hitting tight deadlines. Additionally, W4 offers hourly packages where customers can purchase a specific amount of hours for maximum flexibility.


W4 Marketing are experts at product specific marketing and building digital solutions based on customer specs.

  • Product marketing

  • Digital solutions

  • Showroom marketing

  • Interactivity

Find what you’re looking for

No matter which agency you choose, it should match your objectives as a company. By following the above information, we hope that you have the data you need to make a responsible and informed decision for your future marketing success.

Getting the right partner is the first step towards effective digital marketing. It saves you time, money, and frustration and lets you find success without the skills and know-how to set up an online campaign. We know how important digital marketing is today, and how it can be confusing to those who don’t have the experience to apply it. As a small company ourselves, we’ve gone through this process but found a way to succeed. That’s why we’ve spent the last 12 years planning and implementing award-winning digital marketing campaigns for B2B clients worldwide.

Contact us for a quick 30-minute meeting and we will present you with a digital marketing campaign plan with the right messages, channels, audience, and content to use, to assure your success online.