5 examples of great LinkedIn Showcase pages

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Is your business targeting multiple audiences? If yes, are you already using LinkedIn Showcase Pages? We found the best LinkedIn Showcase page examples.

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Is your business targeting more than one audience? If yes, are you already using LinkedIn Showcase Pages? If the answer here is no, it’s high time to learn more about them.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a great solution for companies that have multiple target audiences online. They allow a business to have the main company page, but still have separate Showcase Pages for different products or services, which target different personas.

This is great news for companies’ marketing efforts in terms of reaching the right audience online. If you have diverse target audiences, applying the same kind of marketing techniques in regards to all of them is not the best strategy. With LinkedIn Showcase Pages, you can offer specialised information on the separate pages while they remain linked to your brand’s page. It’s a great way to work on persona segmentation and brand building at the same time.

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How do you craft a great Showcase Page, then? As with other B2B LinkedIn pages, the most important components of a terrific Showcase Page include powerful content and strong visuals, paired with regular updates and active social engagement. Followers and their engagement with the content will naturally increase, boosted by your engagement efforts. All of these, of course, are based on a sound inbound marketing strategy with carefully identified personas and tailor-made content focused on each of them.

Let’s check out some examples by looking at the successful LinkedIn Showcase Pages of five SaaS companies to get you inspired. Don’t forget to look for the devil in the details.

#1 Cisco

Some of the biggest names in the SaaS sector have the most developed and well-kept Showcase Pages, and Cisco is certainly one of them. The company has 11 different products and services pages, with the Cisco Data Center and Cloud coming in first place, as it has the biggest number of followers and the most regular updates.

The content shared on the Showcase Pages is simply great, as it is useful, engaging and up-to-date. All of the Showcase Pages exhibit the same identifiable Cisco footprint, which ties them back to the main brand page. This makes them a great example of building brand recognition even when targeting different audiences.


#2 HP

The international IT and software giant Hewlett-Packard has also taken advantage of the possibilities of Showcase Pages. With ten products and services pages, HP manages to create strong engagement with its followers by offering diverse content that is regularly updated. It also uses the Showcase Pages to advertises its events.

HP makes good use of the separation of target audiences, and for example, gives free trials options on some Showcase Pages and offers live Q&A sessions online, as well as informative video talks.

#3 Microsoft

Microsoft is certainly not behind in getting onboard with the Showcase Pages. Its most popular products, such as Office and Visual Studio, have their own pages, as do 12 more products and services.

The pages for the different products vary in their approaches, but are united by the overarching presence of the brand. They boast regularly updated articles that offer tips and useful information about new products and tools, all presented in a stylish manner. Updates about events such as business and tech conferences are also available in some cases.

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#4 Adobe

Guess who was first in the 10 Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013? Yes, Adobe. And the reason why LinkedIn chose it, is its skillful highlighting of different products through its Showcase Pages.

Since Adobe has very different segments of audiences for its Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Echo Sign and Digital Publishing Suite, splitting them into separate pages was only logical. As Adobe is the mastermind behind creative software such as Photoshop, its visuals, naturally, are very powerful and truly stand out. The Showcase Pages offer a great variety of useful tips, event invitations, inspirational pieces and more.

#5 Salesforce

Salesforce define themselves as the “enterprise cloud computing leader,” and for good reason. As a company that deals with Customer Relationship Management, it knows how important it is to nurture meaningful connections with the target audience.

That’s why Salesforce has three Showcase Pages, including: AppExchange, the enterprise app marketplace; Salesforce Partners, its partner ecosystem for enterprises; and, Dreamforce, dedicated to its annual conference. While each of these pages carries the brand feel of Salesforce, they all offer diverse, targeted content. For example, AppExchange’s Showcase Page is full of useful branded talks and shows with high added value, as they offer useful information for the audience.

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LinkedIn Showcase Pages are certainly a great opportunity for effective relationship building and community engagement, as well as for skillful targeting of content that reaches the right audience in the right way. Are you ready to showcase yours? Download the guide to LinkedIn sales success today to help you get started with your marketing strategy and LinkedIn Showcase pages.