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A well-defined digital sales & marketing strategy is essential to the success of any modern marketing programme. Our team of sales and marketing consultants help you attain sustainable growth by putting your customer to the fore of your acquisition and retention strategy.

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Demand Generation

Where lead generation focuses on generating short-term lead, demand generation is about creating sustained demand for your product or service. Demand generation focusses on the use of targeted marketing programmes to drive awareness and interest in your products and services.

Our digital marketing consultants will generate you demand

  • Audience & buyer persona development
  • Buyer journey analysis
  • Marketing automation
  • Content marketing strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the food of any modern digital marketing strategy. Modern buyers no longer want calls from sales reps, they research and look for content that interests and educates them; helping them make informed decisions and do their job better.

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  • Content audits and mapping
  • Content planning
  • Content formats and types
  • SEO and keyword review
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Value Proposition Development

Using our battle-tested value proposition framework, based around PESTEL analysis, we will help you define your audience, establish market opportunities and pressures, review client needs, discuss product capabilities and benefits, look at customer values, uncover competitive differences and establish unique selling points.

Read more about value proposition development

  • Competitive positioning
  • Value-based messaging
  • Audience planning
  • Elevator pitch

Website Design and Planning

A great website is about more than just an impressive visual design and fancy animations. Without SEO friendly content and proper planning surrounding visitor journeys, conversion options and registration forms your investment could be nothing more than an expensive business card.

No, not wedding planning, I said website planning services

  • User experience design
  • Website and CMS development
  • Customer journey and site map planning
  • SEO and keyword research

Marketing Automation Strategy

Shrinking budgets and shorter attention spans are forcing companies to rethink how they market and sell products. With successful implementations boosting revenue by 34%, marketing automation is an essential component of every modern marketing programme.

Find out why marketing automation is essential to every modern marketing strategy

  • Marketing automation platform vendor selection
  • Platform implementation and on-boarding
  • Lead nurture and drip campaign approaches
  • Lead scoring strategies

Social Media Strategy

The traditional buying process has changed and the statistics to prove it: 81% of B2B decision makers use online communities and blogs to help make purchasing decisions, 74% use LinkedIn, and 42% use Twitter. But does your business get enough exposure?

Learn how to plan your own B2B social media strategies

  • Best practices consulting
  • Social channel selection
  • Content planning
  • Sponsored content
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