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The topic this week? Why, #OTEW2014, of course. Here is what we have selected for you review. We promise- there are no pictures of us with Mickey or in a swimming pool.

OpenText VP Highlights Digital First Agenda #OTEW2014

The only clouds that Orlando is talking about are not in the sky, but at OpenText’s Enterprise World 2014 conference. The 8,200-employee Canadian powerhouse has just announced its best first quarter in the history of the company. Muhi Majzoub, senior vice president of engineering at OpenText, said 2015 will see more innovations around OpenText's core, strategic, pillars of enterprise content management, customer experience management, information exchange and business process management and discovery. Also expect "further developments in the cloud, as well as on-premises, managed services and hybrid solutions."

Wondering what pasta sauce has to do with Enterprise information? Well, check out the post.

2020 Agenda: are you ready?

Enterprise World 2014 is so beyond a user conference, it is even beyond 2014! We are in year 2020 and witnessing the emergence of the Digital-First World, a new enterprise landscape where technology advances, demographic changes, and the total digitalization of exchanging information will converge to forever change the rules and expectations of information management.

So how do you make sure your organization is ready to succeed in a Digital-First world? Take OpenText’s 2020 Readiness Assessment and in fewer than 15 minutes, you’ll receive a digital readiness score indicating how prepared your company is to make a successful digital transformation. OpenText has identified 8 core competencies that are essential for success: Vision & Strategy; Information Management; Digital Engagement; Digital Supply Chain; Digital Workplace; Digital Governance; Leadership; Measurement.

Why Ontario is the Silicon Valley of the North

OpenText’s President and CEO, Mark J. Barrenechea has spent  25 years in technology and traveled both valleys end-to-end and found the similarities between the two corridors more striking than their differences. He compares CA (as in California) and CA (as in Canada) in terms of attitude, capital and talent. Most importantly, digital economy is the engine that will drive Ontario’s growth and prosperity. Read more if you actually don’t like the Cali sun and you are looking for a place to start your business.

OpenText Targets Compliant Office 365 Cloud Shift #OTEW2014

All we are talking about these days is the transition into the cloud (despite all the noise around the celebrity pictures leak) — moving from on-premises instances of Microsoft SharePoint to Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud. The goal is for enterprises to be able to maintain core information governance and compliance processes and integrate content from other enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle EBS.

As companies adopt cloud services like Office 365, Microsoft and OpenText enter the picture by extending the usability of Office 365 and "enabling collaboration with third party ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle," according to Patricia Nagle, vice president of global strategic alliances at OpenText. 

OpenText Reimagines Information Management #OTEW2014

Prepared to be shaken to the Core? OpenText Core is the first, enterprise-ready information management solution that’s been built from the ground up for the cloud. “It’s designed for the digital first world. It’s very intuitive, requires no learning and is focused on the business,” said Lubor Ptacek, vice president of strategic marketing, at OpenText. What it isn’t, according to Ptacek, is a repackaged consumer solution with an enterprise label attached to it.

Until two days ago there hasn’t been a vendor that provides a business information management service that sits on a private cloud and offers secure social and collaboration features, without any involvement from IT at all.

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