Happy Easter

Now that Easter has passed, you might think all the eggs have been found and the egg hunts are over. We would like to invite you to think again.

Here at Demodia, we like to think that egg hunts are fun. Marketing and egg hunts have one thing in common: the search to find a prize before someone else does. Of course, with egg hunts the challenge easier, because you know what you are looking for.

Make you marketing as easy as a child's play

We cordially invite you to join our post-Easter Egg Hunt. Find the lost eggs around the Demodia website and you will be rewarded. You probably have enough chocolate by now, so here is what you will get from us:

1st gift - Content Inventory Spreadsheet

2nd gift- “The Inbound Marketing Bible” (Whitepaper)

3rd gift- “Mobile Sales Enablement” (Whitepaper)

In the digital world, content is the voice that turns visitors into audience, customers into brand ambassadors. It is the ultimate enablement tool for both marketing and sales.

So lets dive in the Sales enablement ultimate list of the four most cherished skills when it comes to content selling. You might end up with a free drink.

What do Easter eggs and Sales Enablement have in common? This post. There is an egg waiting for you there.


Find more than 4 eggs on our company website, and you get to choose your own grand prize:

Demand Generation Audit or Social Media Audit or Blog Post, specially crafted by our content marketing specialists

And guess what: all you need to do to start receiving prizes is to sign up.

If you have not set the hunting mode on, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to receive an extra egg. Sharing the game with #discoverdemand will also bring you another egg.

Is your basket ready for the next egg?

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