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Since we covered the players for the big companies in our previous blog post on ECM pros to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn, we would like to introduce you to a different list of influencers. People who play the ECM game professionally without being part of a big team.

Christian Walker

Chris has spent more than 25 years in IS/IT primarily as a consultant, business analyst and project manager. His working career cannot be pinned down to one industry: he has worked for major international airlines, Telcos, all levels of government and sole proprietors. Because Chris has dealt with things from solution architecture to project management and general consulting, he knows the most important thing is attitude: "I approach each engagement as a unique win-win opportunity, but leverage expertise and experience from prior engagements."

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Chris believes that the reason for his success is his ability to understand clients’ business challenges and opportunities and effectively communicate with all levels of client organizations. His communication skills are legendary in the ECM world and his leadership skills have enabled him to I am well regarded for my communication skills, the ability to help different stakeholders achieve the common goals.

Chris is an active blogger and speaker at a variety of events. You can read his wise words in his own blog or catch him speaking at ECM industry events in North America and Europe. His specialties are Enterprise Information Management and Business Intelligence/ Reporting.

Follow Chris on LinkedIn and don't forget to check out his slides on Principles of Holistic Information Governance and its application in a government public transit authority (still a lot to learn since it's just about the beginning of the road to Info Governance).

Yuri Simione

Yuri Simione has more than 4,600 LinkedIn followers. You can join them here. Why should you? Yuri has more than 15 years of experience managing important Documentum implementation projects in Italy on account of his deep knowledge of the ECM market. He holds four EMC Proven Professional certifications (EMCApD Application Developer xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) Specialist Version 2.0, EMCSyA System Administrator.) and has discovered the ESA-2014-026: EMC Documentum Content Server Information Disclosure Vulnerability and the ESA-2012-009: EMC Documentum Content Server privilege elevation vulnerability. Yuri is also a freelance journalist who specializes in information management for IGED.IT, an Italian Mac magazine.

Check out Yuri's latest post which explores content management repositories as graphs.

Femke Goedhart

A business consultant? Or maybe a business analyst specializing in Document and Enterprise Content Management, Social Business, process management and Collaboration solutions? Or maybe just a professional focused on adoption, implementation and usability? Femke Goedhart is all of the above.

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Femke has dedicated her work to building bridges between business and IT and focusing on improving efficiency, productivity and ROI with customers. Her winning strategy is to implement an optimal mix of people, business goals and technological best of breed collaboration platforms.

Check out her latest blog posts here and the slides for the various speeches she has delivered over the years. You will find her especially interesting if you like exploring the topic of social media and collaboration.

Duff Johnson

Duff Johnson has spent the last 18 years as a business leader, information technology analyst, strategist, evangelist, educator and advisor to software vendors, publishers, businesses, government agencies and investors. If you take a look at his LinkedIn profile, you will find that his specialities include strategic planning, product and operations analysis, assessment and development, marketing, branding and communications. If you are still not convinced as to why you should follow him on Twitter, let me casually mention that he has expertise in PDF technology, enterprise content management (ECM), electronic document accessibility, document imaging, conversion and capture and technical standards development.

Check out Duff's website for insights on document formats, PDF and archival.

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Patrick Lujan

Patrick Lujan is not only a solutions and enterprise architect in the management, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management solutions. He is helping novices in the ECM field to find the right people to follow. Check out Patrick's list of ECM experts , where you will find 89 professionals worth your time. Patrick advocates successful implementation by using the proper tools and technology, the talent and teamwork to accomplish that objective. He has engaged 34 clients nationwide in implementing ECM and BPM technologies from the departmental, collaborative level to enterprise-wide, large-scale systems. Patrick's specialties include FileNet P8 in the insurance, finance, telecom and government sectors.

Who do you follow for the latest in the ECM field? Let us know on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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