Top ECM Pros to Follow on Twitter - Part 1

As most of you have noticed and most recently Patrick Lujan has complained: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not the most popular topic on Twitter. Yes, we all follow the industry leaders like OpenText and EMC, visionaries like Newgen Software and Alfresco. And not to forget we follow closely Gartner so we know who is included in the Magic Quadrant. But what about the personal voice of ECM? Well, here are five distinguished voices that you need to follow to be on top of your ECM game.

Cheryl McKinnon

Cheryl McKinnon has spent most of her career in ECM. Today she is a principal analyst with Forrester Research. Professionally trained to be a historian, she finds her passion in “the meaningful use, preservation and protection of the electronic residue of our society: the personal and professional artifacts of the online communication in which we all now engage.” She is communicative on Twitter and engages in conversations with her contacts frequently. Her tweets contain useful links 20% of the time, so you better follow her.

You can also follow her on LinkedIn where she has various publications about ECM.

Pro Tip: Check out her white paper for Candy Strategies Inc. on the next generation of ECM in the world of mobile, cloud, open source and open standards- “ECM-as-a-Service: Are We Ready?“

John Mancini

John Mancini retweets rarely, but shares a lot of useful information: 80% of his tweets contain a link. If not for the industry insights, follow him for the great curation. His sources include Forbes, CMS Wire, Oscar Berg and many others. When he is not on Twitter, John is a speaker, author and leader of the AIIM global community of information professionals.

John believes that a wave of Digital Transformation will sweep through businesses and organisations. But now organisations face a fundamental choice: Information Opportunity or Information Chaos. John offers his expertise on Digital Transformation and the struggle to overcome Information Chaos by blogging and being a keynote speaker. Furthermore, he has published seven e-book titles including "Information Chaos v. Information Opportunity: The Business Challenge for the Next Decade", “#OccupyIT — A Technology Manifesto for Cloud, Mobile and Social Era” and the popular “8 Things You Need to Know About” e-book series. He is the author of "Mancini's Law".

1) Organisations are systems of information networks. They only operate effectively when there are clear and predictable information flows within and between these networks.

2) 50% annual growth in the volume of digital information means that these networks – and especially the points of connection between them – will become increasingly unstable.

3) Without intervention, the resulting #infochaos will threaten the viability of the entire system.

Pro Tip: Follow John on LinkedIn and check out his post on what does the next generation of leaders look like.

Laurence Hart

He is a proven leader in Content and Information Management, with more than twenty years experience solving the challenges organisations face as they implement and deploy information solutions. Laurence is also the author of Word of Pie, an influential and respected voice in the industry, often discussing how technology can address the challenges people face today and will face tomorrow. He is a master of developing and implementing Content Management and Information Governance strategies. And he is currently looking for his next challenge. Laurence has led a wide range of projects including content digitisation, Records Management, BPM, and Collaboration for both the commercial and public sectors. As he shares, “There are many problems out there that need to be solved for people and if I can make the world a better place in the process, all the better.”

Check out his article on fixing the mistakes with ECM instead of repeating them and follow him on LinkedIn after you subscribe to his blog.

Sandy Kemsley

Sandy is also a person who clearly cares: by sharing useful information on various topics, including letting her geeky humour present itself with the XKCD webcomic.

A "technology catalyst", Sandy has two decades of history with software design and systems architecture in several technology areas, combined with a deep understanding of business environments and how technology can impact them. You can follow her posts on topics that include BPM, enterprise architecture and other intersections of business and technology on her own blog. The industries she focuses on are financial services and insurance, emphasising on business process management (BPM) design and architecture, enterprise architecture (EA), business intelligence, social enterprise software. Feel free to follow her on LinkedIn.

Lubor Ptacek

In 2008, Lubor Ptacek joined OpenText as Vice President of Strategic Marketing. His responsibilities encompass a variety of corporate-wide strategic areas including corporate messaging, thought leadership, industry marketing, PR and analyst relations. Lubor knows the EMC arena inside and out: prior to joining OpenText, he has worked at EMC, Documentum, Vignette, and Novell. Currently, he also serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM). You can follow his personal blog, which is frequently quoted.

Check out his persuasive post on the need of content curation. And make sure you include him in your list of ECM thought leaders for your own curation and personal growth.

Who do you follow? Let us know in the comments!

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