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We get it - running a start-up business venture is tough. From securing capital to making micro decisions that will ultimately lead to your failure or success, the stakes are high and the risks are real.

As we’ve covered previously, marketing automation can help you out wherever you are in the startup journey. However, a particular marketing automation company is about to help startups in a completely new and very direct way.

HubSpot has recently launched their new initiative to support and coach new startups called HubSpot Ventures. HubSpot has described this as a way to build long term relationships with promising startups, rather than quick-wins.

What is HubSpot Ventures?

HubSpot Ventures is a $30 million fund that aims to bolster and expand startups who not only want to grow bigger, but grow better with a ‘customer first’ ethos. Startups who are successful in their application to this initiative receive special HubSpot perks such as:

A Personalised HubSpot Leadership Advisor

Successful applicants will gain access to a personalised HubSpot business coach who have lived the startup journey and are experts in running startups. As masters in sales, marketing and service, they’ll guide successful applicants through the hurdles of running a new startup and set them up for success.

Exclusive HubSpot Discounts

If successful, applicants will gain instant access to the entire HubSpot Growth Suite, including add-ons, at a discounted rate, typically valued between $113 to $4,200 a month. This includes marketing automation, CRM tools, email marketing services, service hub services and sales hub services.

You can find a full list of the HubSpot Growth Suite features here.

Special Event Access

Participants will be invited to special events such as the HubSpot partner day, INBOUND event and virtual programming events.

How do I qualify?

HubSpot identified the ideal candidate for HubSpot ventures as a business or enterprise who:

  • Align with their mission to help millions of organizations grow better.
  • Have the potential to deliver unique value to the HubSpot community.
  • Are building a leading SaaS-based product.
  • Embody values in HubSpot’s Customer Code and Culture Code.
  • Are raising a Seed, Series A, or Series B round with a notable lead investor.

If you or your business adheres to the above and is interested in servicing customers above growth, then you may just be next HubSpot Ventures beneficiary.

Where do I apply?

Simply visit this link and fill out the form.

You’ll have to provide basic information such as your company’s name, website URL and email. You’ll also have to disclose any venture funding to date, if any, annual run-rate or revenue as well as the stage of your last funding round.

HubSpot is also interested in how your company upholds commitments to culture and customers internally, and how your company helps small and medium-sized businesses grow better.

Get the support you need

If you think this is for you, visit the Ventures page on HubSpot’s website to find out more.

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