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The outline of what StoryBrand is, what’s changed, and what this means for you. 


It’s important to reevaluate your marketing approach from time to time and evolve as a business. Over the years, the organisations that have done so have thrived through new offerings and clients, while those who have neglected this practice have quickly become irrelevant in the market. We would like to welcome you to our latest evolution by introducing the StoryBrand framework into our approach.

This blog will outline what StoryBrand is, what’s changed, and what this means for you. 

What is the "StoryBrand framework"?

The StoryBrand framework combines the power of narrative fiction with concrete, solutions-based messaging personalised around the challenges, needs, and objectives of your audience. It helps them to clarify the steps involved in achieving their goals and understand the value of using your services. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You (the reader) have a problem that needs solving - in this case, digital marketing.
  • You meet a guide (that’s us!).
  • We give you a plan on how to solve your problem - use our digital marketing framework.
  • The plan clearly outlines what you need to do to solve the problem - book a free consultation.
  • Finally, you solve the problem and reap the benefits - you get more leads, close deals faster.


In short, it allows businesses to shift the focus from their own accomplishments to how they can actually help you, the customer, turning you into the heroic character and the business into the helpful guide. 

How has the StoryBrand framework influenced Demodia?

At Demodia, we use this framework to help our customers clarify their message and assist them with earning more business. Essentially, we help you become the best guide you can be for your customers. We encourage them to rely on you to show them the way to succeed. 

We believe strongly in this concept and we’ve updated our website to reflect this. Our new website is centred around the four core services that we provide to help our clients excel online.

4 steps to digital sales and marketing success

Many clients seek digital marketing services for a combination of four primary reasons:

  • Their branding makes them feel outdated or undervalued.
  • They are concerned that their data and processes are hindering rather than supporting their business.
  • They are self-conscious of their website and unhappy with the number of leads it is generating.
  • They are overwhelmed by the number of tactics available to deliver digital marketing campaigns. 

Some may only need assistance with one, while other clients require guidance in more in-depth to support their business. These areas can generally be categorised into four areas:

  • Storytelling
  • Data and Processes
  • Website
  • Campaigns

Below, we’ll cover each in greater detail.


brandingGreen 4x

To be an organisation that maintains high close rates without heavy discounting, you need to articulate the value you bring to your customers clearly. To do that, you have to explain your offerings in a way your audience understands and engages with, otherwise, you risk losing leads and money.

This is where storytelling comes in. It weaves your brand message into a relatable narrative for your customers. Demodia helps you achieve this through strong messaging, focused blogs, clear press releases, and other strong, relatable, and effective content.

Data and Processes


To grow your organisation, you need to attract great leads and engage them until they’re ready to buy. However, attracting leads is difficult - you have to engage prospects and customers at any stage of the journey seamlessly that guides them towards a sale, automatically.

Consistent customer acquisition processes and unified tools should be a core part of aligning your marketing and sales efforts. Our data and processes services are the solution for this, based on our years of practical experience with HubSpot, Salesforce and other tools to give you the expertise and tools you need for success online.


web developmentPurple

Websites have become an essential part of digital marketing, but so many businesses lack the understanding of what makes them effective. As a core business tool, your website should play a strategic role in your sales and marketing process, generating leads organically.

Our website services utilise our years of experience in designing, developing, and maintaining high-performing websites for dozens of B2B clients worldwide. We can help you build and maintain a website that delivers on its promise - bringing qualified customers to you by merely existing.


marketing automationYellow

Digital marketing campaigns have the potential to drive traffic to your site and revenue for your business. However, incorrectly implementing a campaign can have the opposite effect on your company, driving away potential customers and sending the wrong message.

As digital marketing specialists, we’ve created countless campaigns for companies from various industries. With our campaign services, we offer you the ability to target the right audience using a consistent approach that uses multiple channels and tactics to consistently generate more qualified leads.

Evolve to greater things

As we operate our organisations, it’s critical to evaluate how to improve our services and adapt to new challenges. One of the best ways to do this is by continuously developing our marketing strategies to match the demands and expectations of today. By adapting to the StoryBrand Framework, we hope to make our services more effective for your needs and easier to use.

Getting the right partner is the first step towards effective digital marketing. It saves you time, money, and frustration and lets you find success without the skills and know-how to set up an online campaign. We know how important digital marketing is today, and how it can be confusing to those who don’t have the experience to apply it. As a small company ourselves, we’ve gone through this process but found a way to succeed. That’s why we’ve spent the last 12 years planning and implementing award-winning digital marketing campaigns for B2B clients worldwide.

Contact us for an initial 30-minute meeting. We will review your needs and come back to you with a digital marketing plan with the right messages, processes, channels, audience, and content to use, to assure your success online.