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Juggling leads in Marketing Cloud: Why lead management is a must 

Any effective B2B lead generation strategy includes lead management as a critical component, to ensure that post lead generation the lead is handled most effectively. Without a systematic lead management process, teams experience misalignment, leads...
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The 3 Pillars of Inbound Marketing

The 3 pillars of inbound marketing

At its core, Inbound Marketing is all about gaining visibility and exposure in the digital world by delivering quality content designed to draw...
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Sales Toolbox: Selling Skills You Should Acquire

Sales toolbox: selling skills you should acquire

With no exaggeration what so ever, the last year can be described as evolutionary in a broad range of areas affecting sales reps. Most importantly,...
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Mapping Content for Successful Lead Nurturing

Mapping content for successful lead nurturing

In the age of content marketing, delivering the right content assets to the right audience at the right time is crucial. Lead nurturing is an...
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Marketing Automation for Dummies

Marketing automation for dummies

Are you a recent adopter of marketing automation? At Demodia, we would like to welcome you to Marketing Automation for Dummies and our marketing...
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The B2B Guide to Inbound Marketing

A guide to the strategies, processes and tools to help you solve your biggest marketing challenges and become leader at inbound marketing.

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It's Not About Automation, It's About Solutions

It's not about automation, it's about solutions

What do sales enablement, content marketing, lead management and social marketing have in common? The right answer to that question should be only...
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A Sales Representative And A Marketer Walk Into A Bar - Who Pays For Drinks?

A sales representative and a marketer walk into a bar - who pays for drinks?

Sales and marketing alignment has been a challenge for organizations since...well, basically since businesses have had sales and marketing...
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