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What do blackjack, Mike Myers and ECM all have in common? The attendees of the OpenText Enterprise World will be able to experience the three of them first hand next week! Starting 8th November, Vegas will not only be the destination for bachelorette parties, serious and amateur gamblers and party people from all over the world, but it will also be full of serious OpenText fans, customers, oh - and of course our own CEO, Simon.

So your OTEW schedule is probably packed, but Vegas offers so many temptations. You have to succumb to some of them. After all, all information management and no play, makes you a not so n inefficient IT Administrator / Developer / End User / System Architect / Department Head / LOB Leader / VP / SVP / C-level Executive or whatever you choose to call yourself. So here are a few suggestions.

Don't just meet the big fish at the conference. Go see them at the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. The tickets start at $16, which is a good price for an activity in Vegas. The aquarium itself is half-outdoors, half-indoors. At Shark Reef you can see all kinds of animals. To name a few: sawfish, giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, piranha, jellyfish and the rare golden crocodile. There are over 2,000 animals in 1.6 million gallons of water.


Maybe you prefer your sharks in your glass? Take the chance to sit and sip a Shark Attack while checking out mermaids in a 117,000-gallon aquarium. Every evening (besides Tuesday) mermen and mermaids perform underwater versions of Swan Lake at Silverton.

If you prefer animals to humans, check out the Flamingo Las Vegas and enjoy the scenic wildlife habitat. There’s a waterfall and an island in the center of it all with a collection of Chilean flamingos. You will find also exotic birds, turtles, and koi fish. If you want to forget you are in Sin City- that is your place.

Do you want to relax, wind down and enjoy a glass of good wine? Visit the Red Rock Resort and their Private Cellar Thursdays to try exquisite wines from a featured winery. It is free, but you have to RSVP in advance. There will be a few appetizers and surprises from the chef. But if you are really hungry, click on the next link. Yes, you can find every kind of food in Vegas (and then some more). But sometimes all you need is a good steak. Vegas will not disappoint: check out this awesome list of the best steakhouses in Las Vegas.

Do you want to have a beer? With more than 100 beers on tap, it can be really a bit scary to choose just one. But you can also build your own: for $15, you get four brews of your choice. The best part? The second filling will cost only $10. Where? Beer Tastings at The Pub at Monte Carlo.

The Digital-First World provides plenty of excitement but sometimes you need to be stimulated in the old fashioned way: with roller coasters! If they are not your thing, but hey-I-am-in-Vegas-I-want-to-do-something-fun-and-new, then check out the New York-New York hotel. It's not the wildest thing and it takes only a few minutes (unlike the line to get your tickets), but at least you can say that you've done it. The hotel is also worth seeing since it's a Disneyfied Manhattan.

On the other hand, if you feel like taking a chance on a Guinness World Record (for highest controlled descent) thrill, go straight to the Stratosphere hotel. There you will find the Big Shot (it will blast up 160 ft/ 49 m in the air and let you freefall. Yes, it's totally ok to scream) and Insanity (the giant mechanical arm that will hold you 900 ft/ 275 m high and spin you straight over the Strip). Or you can always just try the Sky Jump from 829 ft/ 253 m and experience "freefall" at 40 mph/ 65 kmh. And if you are already there, why not try the only revolving restaurant in Vegas. At 844 ft/258 m in the air, Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower offers breathtaking panoramas and an adventurous menu.


If you don't feel like spending money at the restaurant where the prices are almost as high as the restaurant itself, but would like to enjoy a nice view. Go to the Ghostbar. It is located 55 floors above the city and has a see-through patio with a view all the way to the ground. Enter via the private elevator and try to get here before 11 pm when the glamorous masses start flooding in.

That's too crazy for an end to a busy day? Then book some time at a Spa: Vegas is the best destination for it in the country. Canyon Ranch at the Venetian the sauna smells sweetly of cedar and eucalyptus. And probably like the fruity drinks from the night before. Most people will tell you to go to Bellagio for the fountain show at night. We are telling you to go for the SPA.

If you want to play with toys, don't miss the opportunity to play with the biggest toys out there. Always wanted to drive a bulldozer? Always felt jealous towards construction sites workers? Well, we dig it. And you can too: whether you’re 14 or 114 years, you can drive real earth moving machines at Dig This®!


And don't dare to say you couldn't find a museum to visit in Vegas. This is the home city of the National Atomic Testing Museum. The clarity with which it tells its tale (chronologically, through a succession of themed rooms), and the eye-popping quality of the exhibits (some kitsch, some terrifying) will make your visit worthwhile.

So, Enterprise World is the place where you will get the tools and knowledge to emerge in the Digital-First World and completely transform information management, but will it be your most cherished Vegas memory? What else are you planning to visit?

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