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Why your organisation needs a content manager

Content marketing is the core of modern digital marketing today. It’s the very basis of inbound marketing strategies. However, you may feel like you don’t have the experience, time, or knowledge to create the best content and select which channels...
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A Sales Representative And A Marketer Walk Into A Bar - How Do They Get Free Drinks?

A sales representative and a marketer walk into a bar - how do they get free drinks?

A long time ago we published a blog post hypothesising on a similar situation: a sales representative and a marketer walking into a bar,  but the...
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The Top 5 Marketing Content Assets Your Sales Rep Needs

The top 5 marketing content assets your sales rep needs

The concept of content marketing has already become the new paradigm of inbound marketing. Sales reps are now just as responsible for deploying...
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B2B Sales Revolution: Content Marketing Is The New Sales

B2B sales revolution: content marketing is the new sales

B2B marketing has undergone many revolutions in its journey towards adoption of lead nurturing processes. The concept of content marketing lies at...
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