How do you reach prospects when you can’t run events?

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How do you generate leads, convert them into customers and create revenue remotely? We take a look at the five best ways you can reach your prospects.

How do you reach prospects when you can’t run events?

Whatever your business, things are getting somewhat challenging at the moment! The COVID-19 outbreak is causing the cancellation of some of the world's biggest and best events and marketing activities. While this helps with the immediate health problem, it presents a unique new one for marketers - how do you reach your prospects without being able to meet with them at events?

Without meeting and talking to new and current prospects, your company will not be able to make sales and sustain itself - leading to closure, isolation or not.

The good news is that seasoned digital marketers have solved this problem long before human contact was a no-go. By following the simple steps and measures they have already put into place, you too can generate leads, convert them into customers and create revenue for your business - all without a handshake to seal the deal.

Let's take a look at the five best ways you can reach your prospects that can be done from remotely.


Social Media

Social media can allow you and your company to interact with your leads and generate new ones with the content you create. Viral videos, digital advertising, competitions and communities can all bring in new potential customers and help you find additional customers. 

Social media also has the added benefit of improving the customer experience for those who engage with your online presence. By posting regularly online, you'll be able to keep your customers happy and engaged whilst they’re out of the office.


Virtual Events and Webinars

Customers enjoy and appreciate a face-to-face meeting. It allows them to ask questions, get answers, be entertained and informed all at the same time. The next best thing when meeting up is impossible is to host a webinar and invite your customers.

Online webinars let your customers interact with your company and its salespeople while learning something new. It still provides the entertainment, information and interactivity that a face-to-face meeting would allow, but without the current risks involved.

We have a blog on how to create and run webinars here if you would like to learn more.


Email Sequence Nurtures

Email nurture campaigns refer to a sequence of personalised emails that dynamically adjust based on the behaviour of the recipient. For example, a fantastic nurture email will give the recipient a choice of what kind of content they would like to receive for the messages. These dynamic emails are effective and offer the reader some agency.

Email sequences have the uncanny ability to nurture your prospects from initial identification to closing and a sale. While they may not be as interactive as a webinar, they usually provide more information and generate more sales opportunities, and do not rely on the prospect  being available within a single time slot.


Solid SEO Website

Making sure your website is search engine optimised is vital during a period where most of your prospects or potential prospects will be at home surfing the web. Having a website that is SEO friendly will help attract potential customers find you whenever they enter a search term or phrase for which your website is optimised.

From your website, you will be able to lead customers towards your other content nurture assets or perhaps even drive them towards a sale. Either way, having a site that brings in customers, rather than you direct customers to it, is a valuable tool when face-to-face meetings and events are off the table.


Videos and Podcasts

If your company is known as, or wants to be seen as, an expert then regular videos and podcasts are an easy way to reach your leads while allowing you to get your content shared. If your content is good enough and is shared, you have the chance to reach a new audience of prospects.

By regularly posting videos and podcasts on containing advice and best practices surrounding your area of business, you position yourself as an expert. Doing this also increases the chances for your content to be shared by prospective customers, bringing in more leads.

Hosting a podcast also allows you to network and well as invite external parties along to discuss things your audience finds exciting.

Go Hands-Free This Year

Just because you can't physically interact with your customers and potential customers, it doesn't mean that you can't effectively market. Digital marketing has introduced a new way to nurture your leads remotely and automatically, so you don't have to. 

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